Academic Tracks and Magnets at Quarry Lane School in Dublin, CA

There are many benefits to choosing a private school for your child's education, but the most significant by far is the rigorous academic curriculum integrated into the classroom. With the capability to seek out the most talented instructors and keep class sizes small, private schools provide students with a more detailed, personalized learning experience that can pay off when it comes time to move on to higher education. At Quarry Lane School's campuses in Pleasanton and Dublin, students can choose from multiple academic programs with different magnet focuses so that they are able to study subjects of interest in much greater detail.

What are Academic Tracks?
Academic tracks determine the pacing, assessment, and research opportunities for high school students with varying career goals. Quarry Lane provides three academic tracks that are all geared toward college success, but they each have their own benefits and areas of focus to represent the differing needs of the school's diverse student population.

  • STEM – The demand for college graduates with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degrees is at an all-time high thanks to a growing number of careers available in these fields. The STEM academic track utilizes an applied science curriculum with research opportunities and projects working alongside industry professionals to solve real-world problems.
  • College Preparatory – Through the College Prep track, students will be held to high academic standards to exceed the admissions standards of public universities nationwide. Students in this track will have chances to complete college-level coursework through AP classes, and they will be ready to face the academic challenges of the college environment.
  • IB Diploma Programme – The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is the most rigorous academic track students can choose, and Quarry Lane is the only school in the East Bay Area to offer this diploma. It has been developed with international standards for oral and written exams following testing styles utilized in the most prestigious higher academic institutions. Beginning in junior year, students will study an interdisciplinary, global curriculum that is considered the gold standard for university admission.

How do High School Magnet Focuses Fit in?
Students have even more control over their academic growth with magnet focuses that emphasize interest in certain subjects. Curriculum designed around distinct themes may allow students to focus on business, mathematics, pre-law, science, medicine, or humanities. Each magnet area may follow an IB or College Prep track.

What are the Benefits of Academic Sub-specialties?
By allowing students to select academic tracks and areas of focus, Quarry Lane ensures that graduates are ready to face the challenges of higher education already knowing what they want to study. Instead of facing the confusion that many students have choosing a major or adjusting to college life in freshmen year, Quarry Lane graduates are able to dive into a rigorous academic environment and excel in subjects they already enjoy studying.

To discover more of the advantages of Quarry Lane School with three campuses in Pleasanton and Dublin, call us at (925) 829-8000 and schedule a school visit. With an environment that harbors self-discovery and academic excellence, Quarry Lane can provide your student with a superior foundation beginning in grade school.

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