How to Set Up a Homework Station

If your child is attending a college preparatory school, you want to do everything that you can to make sure that your home environment encourages learning. One of the things that you can do is set up a designated homework station in your house.

Watch this video to learn how to set up a homework station that will benefit you and your student. You’ll get a tutorial from an organization expert demonstrating the best place to set up the homework station, and what supplies should be nearby.

At The Quarry Lane School, we pride ourselves on being the best private school in Dublin, CA. We provide a challenging and rewarding academic environment for students from preschool through high school. If you’re interested in sending your child to our private school, contact us today at (925) 829-8000 for more information.

Tips for Keeping Your Kids on Track After The Holidays

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Students work hard at their private high school and it’s important that they get some down time during school breaks. However, it’s equally as important to avoid cognitive sluggishness, particularly when it’s time to head back to school in January. The key to keeping your kids cognitively engaged after the holiday season is to look for fun enrichment opportunities that complement their educational routine. This will give them something to look forward to and help with any back to school blues they may face after the holiday season.

Look for Educational Opportunities in Your Area
You may already be familiar with enrichment opportunities in your area during the summer vacation. But it’s well worth your time to look for winter activities for your child. Check with your local library, colleges and universities, theater organizations, and museums to find presentations, lectures, and workshops that your child can benefit from. Encourage your child to join a book club or form a book club with his or her friends.

Explore Volunteer Positions
Academic achievement is crucial; however, for a well-rounded education, students ought to look for ways of giving back to their communities. Consider joining your child in volunteer opportunities at your local soup kitchen or community food pantry. Think outside the box and call local nursing homes and elementary schools to find out about volunteer opportunities.

Encourage Recreational Reading
Help your child set aside time for recreational reading to encourage their imagination and provide a healthy break from their schoolwork. For younger children, include reading in your bedtime routine. This gives something for both of you to look forward to after a long day.

At The Quarry Lane School, our students understand the value of hard work and personal responsibility. Our college preparatory school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA offer a wealth of opportunities for students to excel in every grade level – from our private preschool through the senior year of high school. If you’re looking for a rigorous college preparatory school that features a dynamic learning community, give us a call at (925) 829-8000.

FAQs About IB Education and College Admissions

The Quarry Lane School

Students at a private high school may have the option to enroll in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme . This is a rigorous two-year course of study. Upon successful completion of an IB Diploma Programme, students are well prepared to excel at institutes of higher learning. They develop keen critical thinking skills, an international mindset, and the knowledge of how to learn for the purpose of increasing understanding, rather than simply memorizing facts. If your child is interested in enrolling in the IB Diploma Programme, you can contact the IB Coordinator and college counselor at the private high school to find out more.

Will My Child’s University Recognize the IB Diploma?
One of the many benefits of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) is that it is a globally recognized course of study. IB Diploma graduates have studied in about 90 different countries and they have requested transcripts sent to more than 3,300 institutes of higher learning. College and university recognition or acceptance of IB Diploma students can vary; it’s best to check with the institute itself to find out current guidelines. However, even when a college or university does not have a formal recognition policy, admissions officers may still evaluate student performance in the IB program.

How Can I Get an IB Transcript?
IB students and parents cannot request an official transcript sent directly to them. Rather, the IB organization itself sends transcripts directly to colleges and universities. Before receiving their examination results, students can designate six universities to receive their transcripts free of charge. Any additional requests may be made with the submission of a transcript fee.

What is the Difference Between “Recognition” and “Acceptance?”
You may notice that some institutes of higher learning “recognize” the IB diploma, whereas others “accept” it. Depending on the specific school, there may be some subtle differences. For example, recognition of an IB diploma may mean that a university has a policy in place to consider the achievements of the IB student along with the general admission requirements.

Students at The Quarry Lane School will discuss these issues at length with their college counselor and IB Coordinator. As an IB school, we are proud to watch our graduates go on to the most selective institutes of higher learning and to strive toward remarkable career achievements. Parents can call us at (925) 829-8000 to discuss admission to our college preparatory school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA.

Tips for Studying for High School Exams

When you enroll in a private high school, you probably already know that you’re expected to work hard at your studies to meet academic expectations. But it may surprise you to learn that studying effectively does not mean reading textbooks for hours on end. In fact, multiple 30-minute study sessions have been proven to be more effective for knowledge retention than marathon study sessions.

For more scientifically proven study strategies, watch this video. It provides a concise explanation of the strategies you can use to achieve your full potential. You’ll learn why all-nighters can lower your grade, rather than raise it, and why you should set a specific goal each time you sit down to study. Using these strategies can help you ace your exams at your private high school.

The Quarry Lane School—a private high school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA—features a highly skilled, dedicated teaching staff that will work closely with your child to ensure he or she meets academic expectations. Contact our college preparatory school at (925) 829-8000.

How Is IB Different from AP Curricula?

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When your child enters a private high school, he or she may have the option of choosing from various academic tracks, which guide students in focusing their academic pursuits. Your student’s private high school may offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum or an array of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Progressing through either of these academic tracks will place students among the most desirable candidates in terms of college placement. Before your child chooses from the IB and AP curricula, he or she should be fully aware of what both paths expect of students.

Educational Approach
One of the primary differences between AP and IB curricula is the approach they take to any particular subject. An AP course examines a particular subject at an in-depth level, just as a typical college course would. For example, a typical public high school class in American history might review excerpts from the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin to learn a little about this important historical figure. An AP course on American history might thoroughly analyze Franklin’s objectives in writing his memoirs, place them in the context of the time period, and consider whether Franklin may have had ulterior motives for the book.

The IB curriculum takes an integrated, holistic approach to subject matters, incorporating a global perspective to each lesson. In an IB course, students will study the subject in-depth, however, they will also consider the global context of the subject and study how it relates to other past and present issues.

Student Requirements
IB and AP curricula both impose rigorous academic requirements of students. With both tracks, students may choose to take a small selection of courses, rather than enrolling in the full track. For example, students could choose to take one or two AP courses in private high school, rather than working toward a college preparatory track diploma. However, AP programming focuses largely on academic courses and electives, whereas the IB curriculum encompasses community service and a capstone project, known as the extended essay.

Students at The Quarry Lane School can choose from three rigorous academic tracks, including the IB Diploma Programme Track and the College Preparatory Track, which offers numerous AP courses. Our private high school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA, firmly believes in challenging students to reach their full potential. For more information on academics at our college preparatory school, call us at (925) 829-8000.

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