Helping Your High School Student Manage a Busy Schedule

There are many ways high schoolers can succeed, in school and in life, and there are many ways that parents can help them focus on their education and health. When attending a private high school, your student may feel overwhelmed at times, but there are some simple steps you can take to help them manage their busy schedule.

Help Plan

One of the best habits your high school student can learn, for school and adult life, is how to plan. Using a date book or the calendar app on her smartphone will go a long way toward getting her busy schedule in line. As sporting events, extracurricular activities, and social events pop up, she will be able to plan ahead by using her calendar app. Also, planning ahead means beginning projects, homework, and regular studying as it occurs. This essential habit is important for any type of education, but especially when attending a preparatory school. Your student’s schedule and tasks may fill up quickly at a college preparatory school, and learning how to plan ahead will be a future asset.

Encourage Goals

Another aspect of planning ahead is learning how to set goals for the future. Your child can manage her busy schedule by setting realistic goals for herself. These goals might include finishing a big project early so she can attend a social event; or taking advanced placement (AP) classes and SAT prep classes so she can attend her dream college. There are a variety of goals to help your high schooler manage her schedule, as well as prepare for her future.

Strengthen Healthy Habits

Don’t forget to encourage your child to eat a healthy diet and maintain healthy habits. Achieving a sufficient amount of sleep among a busy schedule is crucial to her physical and mental wellbeing. Encourage your high schooler to talk about her life in and out of school so she feels comfortable approaching you about any future concerns.

The Quarry Lane School believes in helping children be the best versions of themselves.
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Helping Your Child Build Friendships

Learning how to create and nurture friendships is an important part of growing up. As kids mature, they develop new skills for navigating an ever-evolving social environment. Watch this video to learn how you can help your child build friendships.

Shy children will flourish in environments that do not overwhelm them and reinforce natural shyness. If your child is reserved, consider enrolling him or her in a private preschool program where he or she will receive the individual attention necessary to grow socially. Private middle school is a wise option to ensure that your teenager’s natural academic enthusiasm will evolve as social pressures increase.

If you have are interested in learning more about enrolling your child in private school in Pleasanton or Dublin, call The Quarry Lane School at (925) 829-8000 to learn more about our programs that span from private preschool to private college preparatory school.

A Look at the Social and Emotional Development of Middle School Students

During their middle school years, kids are learning who they are, taking on additional responsibilities, and honing their academic skills in preparation to attend public or private high school. Middle school is an instrumental time for students, as they develop social and emotional skills that they will utilize throughout life. Keep reading for an overview on how you can help encourage positive social and emotional growth in your middle school student.

Meaningful Roles

Middle school students aren’t adults yet, but by this stage in life they are well beyond thinking of themselves as children. If you are the parent of a middle school aged student, encourage his or her growth by offering increased responsibilities around the house. Step back and allow your student to show initiative in attending to personal everyday tasks like doing his or her own laundry, preparing lunch, or cleaning his or her room. A gradual increase of responsibility will build your student’s self-confidence.

Respect for Your Student’s Voice

It is important to encourage positive development in a middle school aged student by letting them know that you respect them as a person. Too often during middle school, great personal qualities and unique talents fall by the wayside as students attempt to blend in. Your student’s school can make a huge difference in encouraging your student to be proud of the special things that contribute to his or her personality. A good public or private middle school will offer opportunities to support the growth of the individual student.

Meaningful Curriculum

Meaningful middle school curriculum should do more than just prepare your student to attend a top-rated public or private high school. Your student’s curriculum should enrich your student both academically and emotionally. Effective programs go beyond the textbook to illustrate how the concepts that your student is absorbing pertain to his or her development as a human being in the greater context of the world.

If you are considering enrolling your middle school student in private school in Pleasanton or Dublin, call The Quarry School at (925) 829-8000 to schedule a tour of our campus. We are an IB school with programs ranging from private preschool to college preparatory school.

Comparing DP and CP IB Programs

If you are a parent considering enrolling your student in an International Baccalaureate private high school program, it is useful to understand the differences between a CP based curriculum and a DP based program. Keep reading for an overview of what makes these programs unique and to help determine the best option for your student.

Diploma Programme (DP)

A Diploma Programme, frequently referred to by the initials DP, is a comprehensive approach to learning in which students are encouraged to develop and strengthen emotional, physical, intellectual, and ethical skills. The Diploma Programme is offered around the world in 140 different countries. It was first offered in 1968 and is appropriate for students age 16-19. The DP is an academically challenging program that will instill students with the knowledge and methods of learning that will propel them to excel in college and beyond.

Career-related Programme (CP)

The Career-related Programme, or CP, is a newer program, developed in 2012, to address the needs of students interested in a more career-driven path. It is excellent for students whose post-high school goals are focused on securing an apprenticeship or employment. Like the DP, the CP is appropriate for high school age students 16-19. Like the DP, the CP is internationally renowned for developing intellectually rigorous students who possess strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate, IB, is the overarching program that includes both the DP and the CP. Public and private high schools around the world offer this comprehensive approach to education that focuses on developing well-rounded students who are academically, intellectually, and ethically proficient. Additionally, students in an IB program are challenged to consider the world through the lens of intellectually curious, caring citizens, with critical thinking abilities to form a strong foundation for continued success.

The Quarry Lane School is an IB School with a Diploma Programme curriculum. If you are considering private high schools or college preparatory schools in Pleasanton or Dublin, call us at (925) 829-8000 to schedule an appointment to visit our campus.

The Benefits of School Labs for Science Studies

College Prep School Pleasanton

Access to laboratory facilities as part of science education helps students engage more deeply with the course material and gain a better understanding of the concepts being taught. Conducting lab experiments and investigations also helps students build critical thinking skills and apply their lessons rather than simply memorizing them. At The Quarry Lane School, we are pleased to offer dedicated science, technology and engineering labs to students as part of our commitment to STEM education. Here is a look at some of the ways that school labs help students succeed in their science studies.

Interactive Learning
Allowing students to engage in lab experiments provides an opportunity for interactive learning. While working in the lab, students must communicate with their teachers and each other, learn to formulate and test ideas, and see their lessons come to life. Because students must put the concepts they learned during lectures into practice when they are doing lab experiments, it allows them to examine the material in greater detail than they would if they only had to memorize their notes.

Work with the Tools of the Discipline
An important element of STEM education is to inspire students to pursue the disciplines of science, engineering and technology. By working in a lab, students are able to get a hands-on feel for what those fields are really like. They get to hold the tools of a biologist, geologist, chemist, or other scientists in their hands and learn the basic practices of those fields. Doing so helps students better understand the opportunities that are available to them in these disciplines.

Learn Scientific Processes
Conducting experiments is the best way for students to actually learn about scientific methods. By developing a hypothesis, testing their ideas and recording their results, students get to experience the procedures scientists actually use while developing reasoning and communication skills that can be applied in all of their classes.

At The Quarry Lane School, our college preparatory school offers challenging opportunities for students in through our STEM education and IB Diploma program. This spring, Quarry Lane opened the doors to our Engineering and Technology wing, which features new science, technology and fabrication laboratories. We have private school locations in Dublin and Pleasanton for preschool through high school students. For more information about our curriculum and enrollment, please call (925) 829-8000.

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