College Counseling for Seniors

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The Quarry Lane School is dedicated to providing the support and resources necessary to thoroughly prepare our students for college. Students in our private high school begin the college counseling process as freshmen. College counseling becomes progressively more intensive as a student progresses through the grade levels, culminating in the finalization of college plans in the senior year. Seniors at our college prep school work closely with their counselor to put the finishing touches on their applications, including refining their essays and portfolios of work, and obtaining letters of recommendation. The application process is thoroughly explored during our Senior College Night.

Seniors will attend our lunchtime workshops to delve into the specifics of each aspect of the college application process. They work one-on-one with the college counselor as needed. The Quarry Lane School also provides support and guidance for parents. We encourage parents of seniors to attend our Financial Aid Parent Information Night and to take advantage of our suggested resources.

Our college preparatory school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA sets high expectations for our dynamic learning community. Parents who would like more information about our school, including our International Baccalaureate track, may call (925) 829-8000.

Start Planning Now for Quarry Lane's Summer Academy

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Here at The Quarry Lane School, we are firm believers in the value of being well prepared. Although we’ve recently welcomed the New Year, we’re already looking ahead to learning opportunities during the summer for students in our private high school and middle school. We’re pleased to announce that registration is now open for our Summer Academy , which includes offerings in science, mathematics, visual and performing arts, and other subject areas.

Summer Academy Requirements
The Quarry Lane School is pleased to accept summer students from our student body, but these courses are also open to the public. Students who attend other schools are required to submit copies of their current academic transcripts. If a course is to be taken for credit, non-Quarry Lane students must contact their own schools regarding whether this credit will be accepted. When applying for a for-credit course, non-Quarry Lane students must also verify that they meet the prerequisite and age requirements. For all summer courses, students must provide their own textbooks and other materials.

Middle School Courses
Private middle school students are welcome to get a head start in mathematics by enrolling in our Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry courses. Please check the course descriptions for this summer’s schedule. Our English Department invites middle schoolers to consider taking Dynamics of Critical Reading and Creative Writing, which explores the writing process and its fundamentals. The English Department also offers a Speech and Debate class. Our Arts Department plans to offer Theatre Arts and Middle School Art, the latter of which covers a variety of media.

High School Courses
High school students are invited to enroll in many of the same classes as middle school students, including Theatre Arts, Algebra I and II, and Geometry. Pre-calculus is only open to high school students. Additionally, high school students may attend Physical Education, U.S. History, AP Psychology, Physics, Biology, or Chemistry.

The Quarry Lane School is renowned for our challenging curriculum, dedicated teachers, and supportive learning environment. The Quarry Lane Summer Academy is a wonderful opportunity for students to enrich their academic knowledge. Please refer to our website for important details, prerequisites and summer course availability. Our private school campuses in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA accept students from K-12 and offer a high-quality private preschool program. Families can reach us at (925) 829-8000.

Spotlight on the Importance of Preschool

If you were to view a private preschool classroom, you might assume that the children were playing the day away. But in fact, preschoolers are hard at work learning from the world around them. High-quality preschool education is an essential stepping stone toward a child’s success in elementary school, college preparatory school, and beyond.

When you watch this video, you’ll hear kindergarten teachers explain how they can detect the differences in children who attended preschool and those who did not. Students who have the benefit of early childhood education display a keen readiness to learn, cooperate well with others, and adjust to the structure and routines of the classroom.

Give your child the gift of a solid head start in life by enrolling him or her in the private preschool at The Quarry Lane School. Call (925) 829-8000 to inquire about the admissions procedures for our private preschool in Pleasanton or our other academic programs in Dublin, CA.

The Value of Speech and Debate Experience for Students

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A big benefit that many private high school offer is a wide range of academic enrichment opportunities for students such as a speech and debate program. If this experiential approach to education is important for your family, consider enrolling your child in a private high school that offers these opportunities. There is no question that participating in a speech and debate club will positively enhance your child’s education and preparedness for life beyond high school.

Skilled Communication
One of the clearest benefits of the speech and debate experience is that it improves their ability to communicate effectively. Good communications skills are an invaluable skill that students will carry with them throughout their education and careers. Students who can effectively articulate ideas, listen actively, express opinions, persuade others, or address counterarguments, have a large advantage as they continue on to university. Even if a student does not plan to pursue a career in public service or other communication-intensive fields, the ability to communicate clearly will serve him or her well.

Critical Thinking
In a college preparatory school, there is no shortage of material that must be covered in the classroom. Participating in speech and debate activities allows students to intensely focus on one topic about which they are keenly passionate. They can delve into the details of an issue and explore many different perspectives about it. Speech and debate clubs require students to think critically and creatively about how to effectively frame their arguments and consider what the opposing debate team might discuss.

Healthy Self-Confidence
Excelling at speech and debate activities requires a great deal of preparation and diligence. As students debate other students, they can take pride in the work they put into their efforts. This process, along with the act of speaking in front of their peers, supports the students’ confidence in their own abilities.

The Quarry Lane School routinely offers a full schedule of enrichment opportunities for students in our private high school and middle school, including an award-winning speech and debate program The Summer Academy at our private school in Dublin, CA, includes a speech and debate course, and our high school students are welcome to participate in our Model United Nations and Harvard Model Congress activities. For more information, call our Dublin or Pleasanton location at (925) 829-8000.

How Science, Engineering, and Technology Education Benefits Elementary School Students

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Science, engineering, and technology education is an important program in most private elementary schools. With this program, children can have a greater understanding of these disciplines. They can also develop a love and respect for all forms of education, which will help as they move onto a college prep school. Continue reading to learn more about how this type of education benefits young children.

Build a Strong Foundation
By implementing a solid science, and technology education program in elementary schools, younger students are likelier to succeed later in their preparatory school years. These programs create a strong foundation for all areas of learning, so students will have a better chance of success and understanding as they continue to learn harder concepts.

Build on Natural Curiosity
Young children are naturally curious, especially for science experiments and displays. Through this curiosity, children learn about the world around them, and they are likelier to understand concepts taught in their later school years. science, engineering, and education programs provide several experiments and fun ways to teach these concepts to children. By using these programs and experiments, children are likelier to develop a love and interest in science and technology.

Build a Desire to Learn
By taking advantage of children’s natural curiosity early on, science, engineering, and technology education can build on children’s desire to learn. Children can see various experiments, and they may wonder how they can perform that same experiment someday. Some children may even see the possibilities to expand upon experiments and concepts to eventually invent something brand-new for the world to enjoy. The possibilities are endless once children have a desire to learn and the teachers willing to teach them.

Take advantage of Quarry Lane School’s Science, Engineering, and Technology education at our private schools in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA. It is our goal to provide all of our students with a well-rounded education, so please call us at (925) 829-8000 to learn more.

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