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Spelling Test App

Children who are enrolled in Quarry Lane School, a college preparatory school, have an academic advantage, thanks to our challenging curriculum and supportive environment. Parents in the Dublin and Pleasanton areas can learn more about our private school by calling (925) 394-4644.

Educational Transformation through Arts Programs

Arts education teaches children critical problem solving skills. Students also learn the value of collaboration and trying various strategies to achieve solutions. Arts education has been proven to help students excel academically, socially, and emotionally.

Watch this video to learn about a case study of an arts integration program. Bates Middle School had been struggling with high suspension rates, low student achievement, and high teacher turnover. When the principal overhauled the curriculum and transformed the school into an arts integration school, the students experienced incredible improvements.

At Quarry Lane School of Dublin, we pride ourselves on our exceptional arts education programs. Our college preparatory school offers visual arts, dance, studio arts, and much more. If you have any questions, contact our school at (925) 394-4644.

A Brief History of Quarry Lane School

Quarry Lane

The Quarry Lane School was founded by Dr. Sabri Arac. Dr. Arac earned a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering, and subsequently earned his master’s degree and doctorate in Metallurgy/Materials Science. In his early career, Dr. Arac published various technical works in science and obtained a patent in electronics. Later, he began to teach college courses. His time as an educator inspired him to found a college preparatory school that would instill a solid foundation in children to help them succeed in the 21st century.

In 1991, Dr. Arac founded The Quarry Lane School, which spans Jr. Kindergarten through 12th grade in Dublin, and infant care, preschool and pre-kindergarten in Pleasanton, and offers a dynamic, intellectually stimulating curriculum. When Dr. Arac developed our educational programs, he also focused on imbuing core values in students. Our students are encouraged to fulfill their vast potential as responsible citizens striving to make a difference.

At Quarry Lane School, our educators strongly encourage parental involvement in education. Parents in the Dublin area can learn more about our approach to education by calling our private school at (925) 394-4644.

Why Arts Education Is Important for Students of All Ages

Child's Drawing

In recent years, public education has placed increasing emphasis on the importance of core subjects, which has been to the detriment of arts education. With less classroom time spent on the arts, it was thought that students would achieve better academic outcomes in English, science, and other core subjects. However, it has been found that arts education is critical for students of all ages and is a key component of academic success. For that reason, private schools and college preparatory schools often have strong arts education programs.

Improvement of Academic Performance
Educators and researchers alike agree that a strong arts education program lends itself toward better academic achievements, such as increased test scores. According to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA), a national study of 25,000 students in middle schools and high schools revealed that those with a high degree of involvement in the arts achieved higher scores on standardized tests than those with a low degree of arts involvement. In fact, those who participated in arts education scored 58 points higher on the verbal section of the SAT and 38 points higher on the math section. Furthermore, students who participate in arts enrichment programs are more likely to be engaged in school.

Increase in Civic Engagement
Students who attend private schools with an emphasis on arts education are more likely to be engaged in their communities. These students are often more likely to engage in volunteer projects, more likely to vote, and more likely to stay abreast of current events.

Boost of Self-Confidence
Private schools often focus on nurturing a child’s social and emotional wellbeing, and an integral component of this initiative is arts education. Through arts programs at college preparatory schools, students learn to be confident in their own creative expressions. They strengthen their decision-making skills and learn to see projects from various perspectives.

When you enroll your child in Quarry Lane School, he or she will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of arts programs. Our college preparatory school offers performing arts, visual arts, and music. Dublin-area parents are invited to call (925) 394-4644 to arrange a tour of our campus.

Why Quarry Lane Helps Children Develop Scientific Thinking from a Young Age

Boy with Magnifying Glass

The development of scientific thinking in young children plays a central role in fostering curiosity, examination, and experimentation, all of which are critical for enabling children to analyze and theorize about the world in which they live. As a premier private preschool and Jr.K-12 college preparatory school, Quarry Lane recognizes and promotes the development of scientific thinking amongst our students. Keep reading to learn more about why we are committed to helping children develop scientific thinking from a young age.

Acquisition of Knowledge
One of the fundamental goals of developing scientific thinking from a young age is to increase a child’s acquisition of knowledge. At Quarry Lane, we believe that it is important to develop children’s bodies of knowledge and provide them with consistent opportunities to communicate and share their knowledge about the world around them. Teaching scientific concepts from an early age helps us achieve this goal.

Application of Processes
Understanding the processes of science is essential to the development of scientific thinking in early childhood. Hands-on scientific activities offer opportunities to learn processes like predicting, observing, classifying, communicating, and experimenting, which are central to the development of more advanced avenues of critical thinking. In order to fully develop these processes, children must have opportunities to practice and apply them throughout the day.

Development of Positive Attitudes towards Science
The development of scientific thinking relies on a curious, inquisitive mind that is interested in exploration and experimentation. With young children, it is essential that teachers value and acknowledge positive attitudes towards scientific thinking. This helps to foster the skills that are foundational to scientific inquiry and discovery.

To learn more about why Quarry Lane School is committed to helping children develop scientific thinking skills, give us a call at (925) 394-4644. Our private preschool in Pleasanton, California and Jr.K-12 college preparatory school, which are located in Dublin, California, offer rigorous academics and expansive extracurricular activities. By instilling a lifelong love of learning in every student, we strive to help each child reach his or her full potential.

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