Upcoming Admissions Events at Quarry Lane


The Quarry Lane School offers a great academic environment from Jr. Kindergarten through high school at the Dublin location and Infant through Pre-Kindergarten at the Pleasanton campuses. If you are interested in checking out our school, we welcome you to come to one of our upcoming admissions events!

For the upcoming academic year, we offer open house events at the Dublin campus from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon on Sunday, November 3; Sunday, January 26; and Sunday, March 2. If you’d like to learn specifically about our kindergarten, you can come to an informative meeting on Wednesday, November 20 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. The open house events at the Pleasanton campuses will be held from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon on Sunday, November 3; Sunday, January 26; and Sunday, March 2. In addition to these events, we are happy to offer personal campus tours—to schedule one, simply call our admissions office.

Stop by to see why our students and their families love The Quarry Lane School, located in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA. To learn more about our programs or our admissions process, please give us a call at (925) 394-4644. We look forward to meeting you.

Tips for Writing an Outstanding College Admissions Essay

Writing on Paper

Students who have excellent grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities are not guaranteed entrance to the nation’s top colleges. In fact, your college admissions essay can make or break your application. Here are some pointers for making your personal statement stand out.

Do Your Research
Sitting down to write can be challenging. Ease into the process of writing by reading some sample essays for inspiration. Read the essays of professional writers, as well, to get a sense of how they guide a reader toward meaning in artful ways.

Decide on a Theme
What makes you unique? Create a list of the qualities or experiences you’d like to showcase. If you’re lost, try asking friends or family members how they would describe you, and think about using a narrative that highlights your positive qualities. Create an outline to help you structure the essay before you begin writing. You should make sure that you don’t try to say too much. Writing about something specific in an interesting way is often much more meaningful and memorable than writing about a general topic.

Although they can seem intimidating, the members of the admissions committee who will read your essay are regular people who will enjoy a good story and have a sense of humor. If you focus too much on what you think they want to hear, you will likely end up writing something generic. Write in your own voice, and allow your personality to come through.

Write, and Then Rewrite
After you write your first draft, ask a trusted friend, relative, teacher, or counselor to look over your work. Make sure that your editor is both proofreading and giving you feedback on the content of your college admissions essay. During the revision process, try to make your essay as concise as possible and ensure that it is free of errors.

An education at a college preparatory school can give students an advantage in the college application process. For more information about preparing for college, contact The Quarry Lane School, a K-12 private school in Dublin, California. You can reach us at (925) 394-4644.

Selecting an Academic Track at Quarry Lane

Academic Tracks at Quarry Lane

A tailored academic program can help any teenager enjoy learning and get the most out of a private education. At The Quarry Lane School, we offer our middle and high school students three distinct academic tracks. This allows us to create the most beneficial learning environments for students with varied skills, interests, and goals. All three tracks are designed to challenge students and prepare them for higher education.

IB Track
The International Baccalaureate (IB) High School Diploma Programme is prestigious and gives students an advantage in the college admissions process. Students must apply for this two-year curriculum during the spring of their sophomore year. The program is rigorous, focusing on high-level critical thinking and the goal of multicultural communication and understanding. Quarry Lane is the only private East Bay high school to offer an IB diploma.

SET Track
Our Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Track helps students with interests in these areas develop skills that will prepare them for their academic and professional futures. This track offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in hands-on lab settings, interact with professionals, and develop the ability to create, collaborate, and problem-solve. SET Track students have access to cutting-edge technologies and get to enjoy projects involving robotics, game design, electric vehicle design, and more.

CP Track
Students on our College Preparatory (CP) Track are held to high academic standards and graduate from high school fully prepared to take on the challenges of college. Advanced placement (AP) classes are offered, which help students get a head start on their college credits. This track also offers a well-rounded curriculum of English, math, science, social science, languages, arts, and physical education.

Students from preschool through high school can receive a high-quality private education at The Quarry Lane School in Dublin, CA. We offer campus tours and open house events to help parents and potential students get to know our school. To learn more about what our school has to offer, give us a call at (925) 394-4644.

The Benefits of a Private School Education

A great education can be the key to your child’s success. Students who attend private schools are more likely than their public school peers to earn a bachelor’s or advanced degree by the time they are in their mid-twenties. Higher education is often made possible by a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, like that found in top private schools. A private school education has many advantages over a public school education, including lower student to teacher ratios, higher standards in the classroom and for graduation, and a commitment from both teachers and students to maintain those high standards.

Check out this infographic from Quarry Lane School, a private school in Dublin, CA, to understand more about the advantages of a private school education. Please share with your friends and family!


Advice on College Essay Composition from a Top University

Writing a college admissions essay can be intimidating. Many prospective students wonder what they can do to stand out. In this clip from Boston University, you’ll find several useful tips.

Writing an essay that is true to you is important, but so is getting another person’s perspective on your work. Having a parent, friend, teacher, or counselor look over your essay can help you check for technical errors and make sure the content is presented in a concise and interesting way.

Attending a college preparatory school can prepare you for success at a top university and beyond. The Quarry Lane School in Dublin, California, offers a quality K-12 private school. To learn more about us, call (925) 394-4644 today.

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