Student Activities and Clubs at Quarry Lane School

Extracurricular Activities at Quarry Lane

At Quarry Lane School, learning isn’t restricted to the classroom. We offer a plethora of afterschool activities to help students explore their interests and build important skills. Getting involved in the activities at our private school will help your child become a more rounded individual and bolster his or her college applications. Here is a look at just a few of the activities and clubs we offer at Quarry Lane School.

Visual and Performing Arts Clubs
If your child has a creative or dramatic flair, he or she is likely to find a fit among our visual and performing arts clubs. We offer a range of opportunities, including dance/yoga, improv, jazz band, studio arts, and theater arts. For those who wish to work behind the scenes, we also have clubs dedicated to stage and set design. Within these clubs, students have a chance to stay active and learn about a creative discipline. These clubs also help to boost confidence and give students a chance to develop their cooperation and collaboration skills.

Technology Clubs
For students with an interest in technology, Quarry Lane School hosts an array of afterschool activities. Your child can choose from app development, Java programming, robotics, and video production. Each of these clubs provides not only superb social opportunities, but also the chance to build skills that will give your child an edge in college and the workplace.

Other Student Associations
The halls of our private school locations are bustling each day after school with students delving deeper into their favorite subjects and enjoying their hobbies. Among the other clubs and associations we offer are Spanish, Science Bowl, Photography, Asian Culture, and National Honor Society.

Do you want your student to have a rich learning experience? If so, consider Quarry Lane School. Our private school has locations in Dublin and Pleasanton and offers preschool and Jr.K-12 college prep education. Find out about our curriculum or schedule a tour of one of our private school campuses by calling (925) 394-4644. 

Understanding the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Quarry Lane

High School Graduates

At Quarry Lane, we’re proud to offer our high school students the chance to earn an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. This program challenges students to build their critical thinking skills and gives them a distinct advantage when they apply to college.

The IB program at Quarry Lane takes two years to complete. Juniors and seniors who choose this program pick from courses in six different IB class groups. Of these courses, up to four can be taken at an advanced level, while the rest are taken at a standard level. Students must also complete an extended essay, get involved in creative activities and community service, and complete the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course. The final IB grade is determined by our teachers and external grading by the IB organization.

Is the IB program right for your student? Quarry Lane School of Pleasanton and Dublin is here to answer all of your questions about our college prep curriculum. To learn more, call our private school at (925) 394-4644.

Come to the Quarry Lane Preschool Open House

Quarry Lane Preschool

The preschool at Quarry Lane School cordially invites parents to our Open House on Sunday, January 26. During the event, you can tour our two campuses in Pleasanton and enjoy some fun with your family! Our preschool accepts children ages six weeks through five years. At our Open House, we invite you to meet with our dedicated educators, who skillfully provide children with an array of fun, enriching learning activities.

Tour our classrooms and learn more about our intellectually stimulating curriculum, which includes learning activities such as Spanish, music, physical education, language arts, and computer instruction. The guiding principles of our preschool involve providing structure for children that meets their emotional and developmental needs.

Parents who are interested in learning more about whether Quarry Lane School would be a good fit for their child are welcome to call our West Campus at (925) 462-6300 or our East Campus at (925) 846-9400. You can also visit the website of our private school to RSVP for our Open House activities. Our Pleasanton West Campus is located on Black Ave. and our Pleasanton East Campus is on Boulder St. 

Academics at Quarry Lane Middle School

Quarry Lane Science Class

Quarry Lane School is a private school that prides itself on establishing a rigorous academic environment for children from preschool through high school. Our Middle School accepts children in grades six through eight. During your child’s time in these grades, he or she will be inspired to become an active participant in education with group work and independent study, guided by our highly dedicated faculty members.

Core Curriculum
Each child at Quarry Lane Middle School will take certain core subjects. These include social studies, science, mathematics, language arts, and physical education. Each of these core subjects is designed to strengthen the children’s academic skills while preparing them to excel in college and beyond. For example, our mathematics studies are defined in the broadest possible sense to encompass a range of approaches, including problem recognition, logic, and problem solving strategies.

Elective Wheel
Each student at our private school has the opportunity to participate in elective courses, known as the elective wheel. Each class is offered for 10 weeks, which means that all children can participate in a wide array of courses. Your child could take elective courses in the visual arts, theater, and dance. Additionally, children have the opportunity to learn about computer science. In this class, students build and program their own robots.

Academic Track Choice
As our students progress through our Middle School, they look ahead to the academic tracks available beginning in ninth grade. Our college preparatory school offers three academic tracks to high school students, depending on their special interests and pursuits. They may choose The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme Track, The Science Engineering and Technology Track, or The College Preparatory Track.

If you would like to learn more about Quarry Lane School, call (925) 394-4644 to arrange a tour. Our private school has campuses conveniently located in Dublin and Pleasanton. Parents are encouraged to visit our website to explore the academic track programs available at our college preparatory school.

The High School Student's Path to Success in College

Quarry Lane Graduate

High school students should look ahead to postsecondary education at least as early as the freshman year. Doing so allows students to select their courses wisely, with an eye toward their academic future and potential career fields. High school students should also meet with the college planning counselor at their private schools to develop a comprehensive strategy for college preparation.

Freshman Year
Ninth graders should meet with a college counselor to evaluate graduation requirements, become familiar with college requirements, and discuss academic tracks. Course selection is a significant component of college preparation. Students would do well to consider Honors or AP courses. Students may also wish to explore summer enrichment opportunities for a well-rounded education. Additionally, the freshman year is an ideal time to consider extracurricular activities. College admissions representatives evaluate extracurricular participation to assess prospective students’ character and motivation.

Sophomore Year
During the sophomore year, students can begin to explore possible colleges. Students may also want to begin discussing taking AP Subject Test as well as applying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This year is an ideal time to start preparing for the SAT/ACT exams.

Junior Year
Throughout the junior year, the college search intensifies. Students should work with their college counselor to narrow down a list of prospective colleges. They should start registering for SAT/ACT exams and intensify their exam preparation efforts. Additionally, juniors may begin gathering letters of recommendation.

Senior Year
Seniors will finalize their college application packages, assembling letters of recommendation, essays, and portfolios. It’s also a good idea for seniors to attend informational workshops hosted by the high school that review the application process. Seniors may begin looking ahead to their top college choices, considering which degree program they may choose.

At Quarry Lane School, your high school student will have access to extensive college planning, including individual counseling appointments. The college admissions experts at our private school will help your family with a comprehensive, four-year strategy for college preparation. If you have any questions about the academics at our college preparatory schools in Dublin and Pleasanton, call us at (925) 394-4644.

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