Questions to Ask During Your College Tours

Private School DublinSome private high school students begin visiting college campuses as early as the sophomore year, while others wait until their junior year. If your preparatory school student is ready to start the process, it’s time to plan some road trips this year. Ask your child to prepare a list of questions to ask during the tour. Skip the usual questions about class sizes—they’ll vary considerably—and instead focus on academic opportunities and campus experiences.

Your child may want to ask about the availability of housing and internship opportunities. It’s often helpful to directly ask the tour guide about his or her experiences, such as “How well have you gotten to know your professors?” and “What did you find most difficult to get used to here?” In your child’s private high school, he or she has ongoing access to advisory resources, but the same isn’t true on all college campuses. This is another area that it’s wise to get some insider information on.

Enrolling your young learner in a private high school serving Dublin and Pleasanton, CA is an excellent way to get him or her off to a successful start in life. Call The Quarry Lane School at (925) 829-8000 to get started with the admissions process and check out our impressive list of our graduates’ college acceptances.

Summer Brain Drain: Problems and Solutions

Private School Dublin

Once summer arrives, it’s common for parents to worry about their child’s lack of participation in educational activities. If you’re looking for ways to keep your private elementary, middle, or high school student engaged in learning throughout the summer, then continue reading for some helpful tips on preventing summer brain drain in your child.

Decline in Reading and Spelling Skills
If you’re concerned that your child’s interest in and progress with reading and spelling will suffer over summer break, then know that you are not alone and that a decline in these areas is a common problem that students face over the summer. However, summer break is the ideal opportunity to continue your child’s reading program. To help encourage your child to read during the break, set aside time each day for reading, read together with your child if possible, and provide him with plenty of books that suit his interests.

Loss of Math Skills
Although math is part of our everyday life, it’s not uncommon for private elementary, middle, and high school students to go through an entire summer without actively using the math skills that they learned during the previous school year. To help keep your student’s mind engaged in mathematics over the coming months, include him when you are using math for day-to-day activities, such as finding the best value at the grocery store or creating a budget for a summer getaway.

Lack of Mental Stimulation
You are likely to find a wide selection of summer programs offered by organizations in your area. Discover what learning opportunities are available through you student’s school, the local library, or your community center, and consider signing your child up for one or more. Keeping your child’s mind active with the help of summer learning programs is an excellent solution for summer brain drain.

The Quarry Lane School offers a summer academy and a supportive and dynamic learning environment to help promote your child’s year-round success in school. To find out more about our summer academy, International Baccalaureate program, or our private schools in Dublin and Pleasanton, please call (925) 829-8000.

Planning College Tours? Here's What You Need to Know

Private School Dublin

If your child will be graduating from her college prep school in the next year or so, then you’re probably in the process of considering college options and arranging campus visits. Continue reading to learn a few important facts about planning college tours.

Summer break is a great opportunity for exploring colleges.
Because it’s common to have more family time available during the summer, it is an ideal time to schedule plenty of college tours. If there are any schools that you and your child are particularly interested in, then summer break also provides more opportunity to stay for a day or 2 and get a better feel for the school and its community.

You should pack accordingly for campus visits.
College tours involve a significant amount of walking. For this reason, both you and your student should bring comfortable shoes to wear. Also, check the weather forecast before your trip.

Parents should not do most of the talking.
Campus tours offer your teen a great opportunity to boost her confidence and prepare for college interviews. Let your child do the majority of the talking during the tour, and encourage her to bring along a list of any questions that she may have about the school.

You can help your teen prepare for the tours.
In addition to creating a list of questions, there are a few other things that your student should do to get ready for college visits. Together, research the school and learn about specific programs, features, and buildings that may apply to your child’s education there. Also, determine in advance anyone you or your teen would like to speak with when there, such as the financial aid office, guidance counselors, or professors, and then let the school know in advance.

If you’re searching for an IB school or college preparatory school near Dublin or Pleasanton, then look no further than The Quarry Lane School. For information about our private high school, you can reach us by calling (925) 829-8000.

Sign up Now for Our Summer Engineering Camp!

Summer Camp DublinInstead of watching your kids play video games this summer, let them learn the basics of how to program them at the Summer Engineering Camp offered by The Quarry Lane School. Our private elementary school is pleased to offer this dynamic experience to students who will be entering grades three through eight. Seats are limited, so be sure to contact our private elementary school soon to sign up. This year, we’re offering two sessions, each of which are three weeks long. The June and July sessions both begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at 12 p.m. A Jr. Summer Academy and Summer Recreation Camp is available to afternoon campers as well as extended care options.

The June session introduces students to the fundamentals of robotics. Students put their teamwork skills to good use as they learn how to design and build their own robotic creations. The July session provides a thorough introduction to programming. Depending on a student’s interest, he or she can design apps, software, or videogames.

If you’re looking for a fun and educational summer experience for your child, contact our college prep school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA at (925) 829-8000. The Quarry Lane School guides students to academic excellence with our enriching preparatory school curriculum.

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