Questions to Ask During Your College Tours

Private School DublinSome private high school students begin visiting college campuses as early as the sophomore year, while others wait until their junior year. If your preparatory school student is ready to start the process, it’s time to plan some road trips this year. Ask your child to prepare a list of questions to ask during the tour. Skip the usual questions about class sizes—they’ll vary considerably—and instead focus on academic opportunities and campus experiences.

Your child may want to ask about the availability of housing and internship opportunities. It’s often helpful to directly ask the tour guide about his or her experiences, such as “How well have you gotten to know your professors?” and “What did you find most difficult to get used to here?” In your child’s private high school, he or she has ongoing access to advisory resources, but the same isn’t true on all college campuses. This is another area that it’s wise to get some insider information on.

Enrolling your young learner in a private high school serving Dublin and Pleasanton, CA is an excellent way to get him or her off to a successful start in life. Call The Quarry Lane School at (925) 829-8000 to get started with the admissions process and check out our impressive list of our graduates’ college acceptances.

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