Smart Strategies for Overcoming Math Anxiety

Private School Dublin

Enrolling your child in a college prep school is one of the most effective ways for helping him or her succeed in math and science. But some students still do experience math anxiety, which can inhibit their academic progress. If you suspect your child is experiencing math anxiety, consider requesting a parent-teacher conference at the private high school to discuss ways of overcoming the problem.

Explore the Root of the Problem
To help your child conquer math anxiety, it’s necessary to figure out the cause of the problem. For many students, math anxiety develops when foundational knowledge in mathematics is lacking. In other words, a student might not fully grasp fundamental concepts. When that student moves through the curriculum with the rest of the class, he or she will experience worsening struggles with more advanced material. Your child’s math teacher might schedule a one-on-one session with him or her to gain a clearer understanding of the student’s level of knowledge.

Be a Good Role Model
To overcome math anxiety, your student needs to associate mathematics with positive emotions. Students often hear their parents say things like “I was never good at math” or “I never liked math.” These statements only reinforce the student’s false belief that math is an innate talent, rather than a skill that anyone can learn. Instead, use your tone of voice, demeanor, and body language to convey an appreciation for math. Your student might be more motivated to succeed in math if you point out the many practical uses for these skills in daily life.

Encourage Regular Practice
If there is an equation for success, persistence is surely involved. Encourage your student to practice his or her math skills every day. Even if your child doesn’t have math homework on a particular day, he or she could play online math games or solve problems lifted from previous assignments.

The strong and supportive mathematics department at The Quarry Lane School is one of the many reasons why so many parents have chosen to enroll their children in our college prep school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA. Our preparatory school students gain a solid foundation in mathematical concepts, which allows them to solve problems with fluency and confidence. Parents can call our office at (925) 829-8000.

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