Summer Brain Drain: Problems and Solutions

Private School Dublin

Once summer arrives, it’s common for parents to worry about their child’s lack of participation in educational activities. If you’re looking for ways to keep your private elementary, middle, or high school student engaged in learning throughout the summer, then continue reading for some helpful tips on preventing summer brain drain in your child.

Decline in Reading and Spelling Skills
If you’re concerned that your child’s interest in and progress with reading and spelling will suffer over summer break, then know that you are not alone and that a decline in these areas is a common problem that students face over the summer. However, summer break is the ideal opportunity to continue your child’s reading program. To help encourage your child to read during the break, set aside time each day for reading, read together with your child if possible, and provide him with plenty of books that suit his interests.

Loss of Math Skills
Although math is part of our everyday life, it’s not uncommon for private elementary, middle, and high school students to go through an entire summer without actively using the math skills that they learned during the previous school year. To help keep your student’s mind engaged in mathematics over the coming months, include him when you are using math for day-to-day activities, such as finding the best value at the grocery store or creating a budget for a summer getaway.

Lack of Mental Stimulation
You are likely to find a wide selection of summer programs offered by organizations in your area. Discover what learning opportunities are available through you student’s school, the local library, or your community center, and consider signing your child up for one or more. Keeping your child’s mind active with the help of summer learning programs is an excellent solution for summer brain drain.

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