Helping Your High School Student Manage a Busy Schedule

There are many ways high schoolers can succeed, in school and in life, and there are many ways that parents can help them focus on their education and health. When attending a private high school, your student may feel overwhelmed at times, but there are some simple steps you can take to help them manage their busy schedule.

Help Plan

One of the best habits your high school student can learn, for school and adult life, is how to plan. Using a date book or the calendar app on her smartphone will go a long way toward getting her busy schedule in line. As sporting events, extracurricular activities, and social events pop up, she will be able to plan ahead by using her calendar app. Also, planning ahead means beginning projects, homework, and regular studying as it occurs. This essential habit is important for any type of education, but especially when attending a preparatory school. Your student’s schedule and tasks may fill up quickly at a college preparatory school, and learning how to plan ahead will be a future asset.

Encourage Goals

Another aspect of planning ahead is learning how to set goals for the future. Your child can manage her busy schedule by setting realistic goals for herself. These goals might include finishing a big project early so she can attend a social event; or taking advanced placement (AP) classes and SAT prep classes so she can attend her dream college. There are a variety of goals to help your high schooler manage her schedule, as well as prepare for her future.

Strengthen Healthy Habits

Don’t forget to encourage your child to eat a healthy diet and maintain healthy habits. Achieving a sufficient amount of sleep among a busy schedule is crucial to her physical and mental wellbeing. Encourage your high schooler to talk about her life in and out of school so she feels comfortable approaching you about any future concerns.

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