Cross Pollination Lessons

The learning (and fun!) continues at Quarry Lane! Here is a peek at Dr. Peoples-Marwah's summer academy biology students learning and practicing the process of cross-pollination:

Quarry Lane Summer Programs

The Quarry Lane Summer programs were in full swing last week! Here is a peek at some of our pre-calculus students from Monday's first day of class! More summer program photos to come; stay tuned! To learn more about Quarry Lane's summer programs including our Summer Academy, Camp Quarry and ESL Summer Camp, visit us online!

High School Choices That Stand Out on College Applications

Studying in high schoolWhen you enroll in a private high school, you can expect to meet with a college counselor to discuss graduation requirements, college admissions and the best paths to meet your educational goals. Carefully planning your coursework during your high school years will help prepare you for higher learning and for your chosen career. A college preparatory school will require you to complete a certain amount of credits in science, mathematics, English and other core subjects. However, you are also allowed some flexibility to make several choices along the way that can help boost your profile for college admissions.

Exploring Academic Tracks
Enrolling in an academic track is an excellent way to make your college application stand out above the rest. Academic tracks vary depending on the school. Depending on your school, you may elect to complete a college-preparatory track during which you can earn college credit in advance. Or, if you are interested in pursuing a degree or career in the fields of science, engineering, technology or applied mathematics, you may choose to complete an academic track in those fields. Completing a challenging science, engineering, technology and applied science track can demonstrate your proficiency in not only the academic aspects of those disciplines, but your proficiency in using those disciplines in solving real-world problems.

Enrolling in an International Baccalaureate Program
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a rigorous course of study and its interdisciplinary and global curriculum is recognized and respected by some of the world’s leading universities. Completing the IB Diploma program will certainly capture the attention of college admissions and demonstrate your depth of knowledge and preparedness for the rigors of higher education.

Completing a Magnet Program
When reviewing college applications, admissions personnel typically look for students who demonstrate a passion for their chosen field, regardless of what that field is. One way to convey that you are keenly interested in an area is by completing a magnet program. Magnet programs are curriculums designed around specific themes and specialized areas of interest, and can be taken completed alongside other academic tracks. Completing a magnet program in pre-law, engineering, computer science or medical studies can go a long way in helping your college application stand out.

Demonstrating Leadership Beyond the Classroom
Although your academic record is certainly important for your college application, admissions committees also look for indicators that you have demonstrated leadership beyond the classroom. Consider a summer internship or a volunteer position in your community. If you choose to write about these enrichment opportunities for your college application essay, you might discuss how they complemented your classes or affected your worldview.

Graduates of Quarry Lane School have been accepted to the most prestigious universities and colleges around the country. Our rigorous coursework and challenging academic tracks prepare students at our private school in Dublin, CA to excel in degree programs and beyond. To learn more about our college prep school, contact our Dublin or Pleasanton campuses at (925) 829-8000.

Congratulations Class of 2015

Please join us in congratulating the Class of 2015 for their extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to the QLS community. As they leave our campus halls and enter a world full of endless possiblities, we wish them continued success and look forward to seeing what their futures hold. Congratulations, graduates!

2015 Class Graduation

Quarry Lane Field Day

A big THANK YOU to our amazing QLSPA, QLS staff and parent volunteers for putting together another AWESOME Field Day for our Lower School students! From the giant slide to the "teacher dunk tank", not even an overcast sky could put a damper on the school spirit yesterday! As we close out the school year, please join us in giving our QLSPA another huge "shout out" for their outstanding work and efforts in putting together so many amazing functions throughout this year; the QLSPA ROCKS!

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