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Congratulations to the Lower School robotics team!

There's no stopping them! Congratulations to the Lower School robotics team of Edward Kim and Arya Sasikumar for sweeping both the Teamwork Championship and Robot Skills awards at the St. Simon VexIQ NorCal Qualifier Tournament this past Saturday. The duo is now tied for 7th place in the national rankings and will be heading to the state finals on March 7th in San Jose.

"In every tournament, other teams keep getting better but Arya and Edward just keep raising their game and improving their robot and their skill in operating it. We are in a great position going into the state finals on March 7th," says Mike Chow, Chair of Applied Science and Engineering at The Quarry Lane School.

Magnet Programs at Quarry Lane

Quarry Lane School works to foster the academic passions of our college preparatory school students. Our private high school in Dublin offers more than a half-dozen magnet programs that can help students get a head start on their career aspirations. Students who attend other high schools typically must wait until they enter college before they can focus on professional interests such as engineering, law, medicine, or business. However, our private high school encourages the early study of these subjects. Through our magnet programs students can decide to concentrate on engineering, law, medicine, business, computer science, and other subjects as early as their high school years. The inclusion of our magnet programs as part of our curriculum options provides dual benefits. Not only do our magnet programs give students the chance to explore their ambitions, but they can also help them be more prepared for the rigors of collegiate study after graduation.

How the International Baccalaureate Programs Work

Critical Thinking in IB ProgramCritical thinking is one of the most essential skills necessary for success in college. For many students, sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher recite facts offers little academic stimulation. For families searching for a college prep school in Dublin, finding a school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma program, is one way to ensure your child is learning the critical thinking skills he or she needs to succeed in college. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program emphasizes critical thinking and knowledge application while also encouraging international mindedness.

The IB Diploma program gives students the freedom to select their own learning opportunities. Though students follow a general direction, such as staying within the realm of science, history, or literature, they are otherwise able to choose what they want to learn. As a result, a private high school with an international baccalaureate program fosters critical thinking through topic selection and research.

Instructor Participation
A typical school normally leaves subject selection to the teachers. Because an IB program encourages student exploration of topics, instructors have a different role. Rather than choosing what the students learn, teachers provide a source of guidance for their pupils and encourage their independent thinking skills.

Many schools are incorporating the IB Diploma program into their curriculums because of the demonstrated benefits. Chief among them is the growth of critical thinking by students. Students no longer rely on their teachers as their source of information. Instead, they must research facts themselves and disseminate this information to the rest of their classmates. This responsibility makes it all the more important for students to carefully consider what data they choose to use in their presentations and other academic projects. Moreover, the IB Diploma program encourages academic confidence in students. By allowing students to take responsibility for their learning, an IB education empowers students to speak comfortably about the subjects they explore. The collaborative nature of IB programs also allows students to strengthen their communication skills in the classroom with their fellow scholars.

Advice for College Admissions

A private high school in Dublin and Pleasanton can propel you to collegiate success. This video discusses additional ways to be an attractive college applicant.

A college preparatory school can foster a supportive environment for the college application process. However, it is up to you to make your application stand apart from those of other students. One way to garner attention is by providing thoughtful responses to the essay sections on your applications. If you are just beginning your private high school career, make your extracurricular activities count. By committing to a club or sport and achieving great success in it, you can increase your chances of getting into the college you want. Also, keep in mind that while standardized test scores may be mandatory for your college application, they do not necessarily factor significantly into the application process.

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