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    Tips for Tackling Homework Assignments

    Last updated 4 days ago

    When children are enrolled in a private school that provides a supportive environment and a stimulating curriculum, they’re much more likely to become engaged in their classwork and homework assignments. However, parents can still implement a few strategies to help their children excel in school. Consider using the following tips for helping your youngster exceed expectations on homework assignments.

    Connect with Teachers

    Throughout the school year, attend parent-teacher conferences and similar events at your child’s private school but reach out to them individually whenever you have questions. Parent-teacher collaboration is critical for each student’s academic success. When you meet your child’s teachers regularly, you can learn more about their homework policies and expectations, and how best you can help your child at home.

    Create a Study Space

    Create an ideal study space for your child at home. Your child’s study space should be well-lit and located in an area that is free of distractions such as the television. You may also wish to implement a “no electronics” policy for your child’s study space to keep him or her from becoming tempted to send text messages to friends during homework time.

    Establish a Regular Schedule

    Children thrive with routine; however, they may need some help to establish one. Work with your student to determine a routine that would be best suited to his or her study habits. For example, your student may find that finishing homework immediately after school works best. Others may tackle half of their homework right after school, and then take a short break before finishing it.

    Provide Positive Reinforcement

    Ask to see your child’s graded assignments and quizzes and praise him or her for good grades. Tell your child what you love about his or her artwork and similar school projects. If your child does receive a poor grade on an assignment, offer praise for questions he or she answered correctly and then help your child review information on the sections he or she had problems with.

    Students enrolled in the middle school and high school programs at Quarry Lane School can take advantage of the Upper School Library, in which they can complete their homework assignments after dismissal. Our college preparatory school is a private day school with highly trained faculty members who guide students through a rigorous curriculum. Parents can connect with Quarry Lane School by calling our Dublin or Pleasanton campuses at (925) 394-4644.

    Why STEM Education Matters

    Last updated 11 days ago

    STEM education refers to a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education is a way to nurture young minds and inspire them to explore the world around them. Students who attend a college prep school that focuses on science and mathematics do not necessarily need to become engineers to benefit from this education. STEM education provides a solid foundation of problem solving skills, which are applicable to a diverse range of careers and personal endeavors.

    Watch this video to hear the Secretary of Energy and other leaders describe the benefits of STEM education. You’ll hear more about the benefits of problem solving skills and you’ll learn about the key qualification that most Fortune 500 CEOs share.

    Quarry Lane School is a college preparatory school that offers an enriching and challenging curriculum, including a Science, Engineering, and Technology Track that enables high school students to enjoy real world experience with industry professionals. Parents in Dublin and Pleasanton can call our private school campus at (925) 394-4644 for more information.

    The Importance of STEM Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Science, technology, engineering, and math have always been key components of a college preparatory education. However, in recent years, studies have shown that fewer than 50% of high school graduates are ready for college-level math and science courses. This lack of readiness can affect a student’s chances of earning a four-year degree, which in turn can affect his or her job opportunities. At Quarry Lane School, a private school in the Bay Area, we understand and emphasize the importance of STEM education. With more and more occupations requiring a postsecondary education, STEM is an essential part of a well-rounded college preparatory curriculum. Take a look at this infographic to see why STEM education is so important for success in high school, college, and in the workforce. Please share with your friends and family. 

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    A Guide to Picking the Right College for You

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Choosing the right college to attend after high school is among the most important decisions you’ll make. It’s critical to pick the college that best suits you; avoid choosing a school simply because your friends plan to attend. Talk to the college counselor at your college preparatory school for advice throughout the college search process. You should also visit several colleges for tours and interviews, and you may wish to make a list of your priorities.

    List Your Priorities

    Our very own Quarry Lane College Counselor, Ms. Paz-Rumore, can help you develop a short list of your preferred colleges. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a handful of schools, consider the various facets of each. It can be helpful to list your priorities in order from most to least important. For example, your priorities might include, “Strong science department, lacrosse team, location close to home, small class sizes.” You may not find a college that fits all of your criteria; however, you should be able to find a school that comes close.

    Consider Your Long-Term Aspirations

    Another factor to consider when choosing the right college is determining the extent of the support you’ll receive in achieving your long-term aspirations. For example, consider whether the school offers an internship program to allow you to gain hands-on experience in your chosen career field. Ask the college’s representative if job fairs, interview opportunities, job shadowing programs, and similar career initiatives are offered.

    Schedule Campus Visits

    Even if you’ve already visited the schools on your short list, you may wish to take another tour before you make a final decision. Some colleges invite prospective students to stay overnight in the dormitories for a few days during the summer, for example. You may be able to meet faculty members of your chosen department and you should ask any remaining questions you have.

    Quarry Lane School is a college preparatory school that provides extensive college counseling for each high school student from freshman year to graduation. College counseling at our private school is designed to help each student achieve his or her academic and career aspirations. To learn more about our private schools in Dublin and Pleasanton, call (925) 394-4644.

    What Your Child Will Learn at Quarry Lane Preschool

    Last updated 1 month ago

    As your child enters preschool, he or she will begin to gradually grow in independence. However, young children still need a structured environment to thrive. The preschool program at Quarry Lane School provides a nurturing, structured setting for youngsters in which they can develop critical skills necessary for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, and beyond. Our QLS educators present a sophisticated, age-appropriate curriculum that includes core subjects and enrichment opportunities.

    Academic Achievements

    The preschool program at Quarry Lane School guides children in developing essential kindergarten readiness skills, including literacy skills such as sound and letter recognition, phonological awareness, and pre-literacy reading skills. Our academic curriculum is designed to teach a grade level ahead. Our Pre-kindergarten students are using a Kindergarten level curriculum for math, writing and phonics. Our students learn letter and number formation in addition to math operations such as probability. Preschoolers begin exploring the basics of social studies and scientific experimentation, and attend Spanish lessons at least twice per week.

    Enrichment Opportunities

    Preschoolers at Quarry Lane School regularly enjoy enrichment opportunities, including arts and crafts activities with various media. Students attend music class at least two times each week, during which they learn about key elements like sound and pattern reproduction. At least once each week, preschool students visit the library, where they have the opportunity to enjoy storytelling, original story construction, and illustration exploration. Our Pre-kindergarten students also attend a computer class and a physical education class once per week.

    Social and Emotional Skills

    Preschoolers still need quite a bit of guidance when it comes to social skills and emotional understanding. With monthly themes and a kindness curriculum that includes self-awareness, responsibility, sharing, and caring, we can help your little one enjoy healthy development. Young children at Quarry Lane School also learn about interacting appropriately with peers, resolving conflicts, and speaking to the class.

    The preschool program at Quarry Lane School welcomes children age two years through age five. Our accelerated curriculum and nurturing environment will help your little one get ready to excel in kindergarten and beyond. For more information about our private school, parents may call our East or West campuses at (925) 394-4644. Our preschool campuses are located in Pleasanton, while our school for lower, middle, and upper levels is in Dublin.

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