The Benefits of Arts Education

The arts allow for individual expression, which can have many intangible benefits. Yet research indicates that the arts can foster young minds in ways beyond personal creativity. That is why parents looking for a college prep school in Dublin or Pleasanton may want to explore one that offers an arts education for its students. As the following advantages show, the arts can become an integral part of a student's academic accomplishments.

Arts Education

Higher Scholastic Achievement
Some individuals might assume that a focus on the arts may inadvertently divert students from achieving success in math, science, and other subjects. On the contrary, the opportunity to explore one's artistic interests can have a reverberating impact on other areas of a student's educational experience. Studies show that exposure to an arts education can actually improve academic success and achievements for students. Therefore, a college preparatory school with the arts as part of its curriculum can make it easier for students to do well in all of their classes.

More Attractive Collegiate Applicants
A private high school that features art programs can also facilitate admission of its students to their preferred colleges. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between enrollment in arts courses to with higher SAT verbal and math scores. Coupled with the notion that exposure to an arts can improve academic success, an arts education can work to a student's advantage when applying to colleges. However, admissions counselors also take into consideration factors beyond grades and test scores. Specifically, they look for extracurricular activities that highlight the personal interests of applicants. A private high school's arts program can enable students to pursue these interests and create well-rounded college applications.

Greater Professional Aspirations
Beyond grades and college admissions, an arts education can have a sizable impact on the long-term career objectives of students. When students have the chance to explore their creative interests, it allows them to express themselves, build confidence, and strengthen their skill sets. Each of these benefits can provide the foundation needed to realize their career aspirations. So when parents select a private high school with an arts program, they are investing not only in the immediate educational success of their children, but also in their future personal achievements and professional triumphs.

Winter Issue of SLATE has Arrived!

Hot off the presses! The winter issue of SLATE is here! From the "Spirit of Giving" at Quarry Lane, Dr. P-Dove's serendipitous path to QLS, filmmaker extraordinaire Taylor Young, to the transformation of this year's Winter Arts Festival, you can read all about it here!

The Quarry Lane Robotics Team Places at FIRSTĀ® Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament

A big congratulations to the high school robotics team for their achievement at the FIRST® Tech Challenge Qualifying Tournament in Walnut Creek this past weekend. The team placed fourth of sixteen in the initial rounds and subsequently won the semi-finals and finals with another team. Although Quarry Lane was on the winning team, the total point score placed the team in second place.

Congratulations to team members who participated in the event: Joy Kaur, Haolin Sun, Zainab Manasawala, Julian Zarbakhsh, Arthur Cavalcanti, Daisy Li, and Linguan (Cody) Hwang

Also, congratulations to members Abhishyant Khare and Lois Dzebissov who unfortunately could not attend but helped the team in preparing as well as communicated with the team in real-time during the event. Excellent job by all!

Allen Abbott of The Quarry Lane Speech and Debate Team

The Quarry Lane Speech and Debate team made an impact on a national level thanks to freshman Allen Abbott. Allen performed his dramatic interpretation of the Tell Tale Heart well enough to reach the semi-finals of the Martin Luther King national tournament this past weekend that featured competitors from 94 schools throughout California plus the rest of the country. Despite previously competing only at the novice level, Allen earned a trophy by finishing in the top 10 from a field of 130 experienced varsity level speakers, missing the finals by a single cumulative point. He was ranked 6th of 130 in the preliminaries, then ranked second among semi-finalists from Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and Kentucky. Congratulations, Allen!

The Importance of STEM Education

Check out why STEM Education is an important factor in many children's lives!

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