Your Preschooler's Library Time at Quarry Lane

At The Quarry Lane School, we believe it is never too early to give kids a love of learning and reading. Library time is an important part of the curriculum at our private preschool, where students not only learn to appreciate the library but also how to manage their emotions.

We have built out library time around the Kimochis® Early Childhood Curriculum. This program focuses on building social and emotional skills. These lessons are woven into our library time, so that preschoolers begin to identify their emotions, learn how to manage them, and build positive, caring relationships with their peers. Students also build skills to help them deal with challenges positively and constructively.

The private preschool curriculum at The Quarry Lane School combines a variety of teaching approaches to foster academic, social, and emotional develop in young students, so that they approach the rest of their education with a natural curiosity. Contact us today at (925) 829-8000 to find out more about the programs in our Dublin and Pleasanton, CA locations.

Setting Academic Goals for the Second Semester

The second semester can feel like a countdown to summer, so it can be more challenging to set academic goals than it is at the start of the school year. However, setting goals is a great way to avoid second-semester burnout and get the most from a college prep school curriculum. Use these tips to get your goals ready for the second half of the school year.

Create Action-Oriented Goals

One good way to create meaningful goals is to make sure they are centered around taking action. Start your goals with a verb that says exactly what you’re going to do, instead of phrasing things passively. For example, if you want to get over a habit of waiting until the last minute to study, your goal might be, “review my notes for 15 minutes each night.” By setting yourself up with a clear action to accomplish, it will be easier to motivate yourself to do it.

Identify Your Potential Roadblocks

Everyone has issues that can stand in the way of their goals. By anticipating some of the problems you may face, you can make plans to tackle the issues before they sideline you. If your phone distracts you from your homework, let your friends know that you will be putting it in a drawer on silent for two hours per night. If you want to take part in a study group but don’t have transportation, secure a ride in advance. Preventing problems before they occur makes it easier to stay on track.

Know How to Assess Your Progress

Regular assessments are important for keeping up with your goals. Decide in advance how you will assess your goals. You may decide to create a timelines with several mini-goals along the way to your overall goal and assess yourself based on your ability to meet those deadlines, for example. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your plans if it seems like your goal may not be relevant or attainable.

At The Quarry Lane School, students in our private, college prep school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA have the full support of our faculty and staff as they develop personalized academic goals designed to help them reach their full potential. Let us answer your questions about our college preparatory school today by contacting us at (925) 829-8000.

Why Every Student Should Learn Public Speaking in Middle School

In our private middle school, public speaking is part of our curriculum. The Quarry Lane School has a nationally recognized reputation in speech and debate, but even students who don’t wish to get involved competitively can benefit from learning the basics about speaking in public. The skills they learn in our public speaking courses will translate into many of their future pursuits as students and later as professionals. Here are some of the reasons every middle school student can benefit from learning public speaking skills.

It will help them succeed in college.

Our college prep curriculum is designed to ensure students are prepared to thrive at top universities. Public speaking is one of the skills that allows them to do so. Through public speaking, students gain confidence that allows them to contribute to classroom discussion and debate with peers from a wide range of backgrounds. Many college classes require presentations as part of their coursework, so having knowledge of how to make effective speeches in front of an audience can lead to better grades.

It teaches them to face their fears.

For people of all ages, public speaking is a top source of fear. When middle school students must face this fear early on and do so successfully, it teaches them a great deal about the importance of pushing through initially intimidating tasks. This lesson will resonate for a lifetime.

It helps them become better listeners.

Public speaking isn’t just about being heard. It is also about listening. To succeed as public speakers, students have to become active listeners. This skill will help them with everything from taking notes to improving their personal relationships.

Discover all of the exciting opportunities that are part of our private middle school curriculum at The Quarry Lane School by visiting one of our campuses. We’re available to answer all of your questions about our college prep school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA. Call (925) 829-8000.

Helping Students Adjust to Middle School

Middle School Dublin

The move to middle school is a major transition, and it’s natural for your child to get butterflies in his or her stomach. Encourage your child to talk about concerns, which may involve social issues, academics, and the simple logistics of finding one’s way around the new school. Be positive, and remind your student that his or her first day at college prep school is also the first day for other students—your child won’t be the only nervous student there.

Talk about logistics.
Informal research suggests that logistics are among the top concerns of rising middle schoolers. Your child may be worried about:

  • How to find the right classroom
  • How to find and open the locker
  • What happens if he or she is late to a class
  • Whether it’s acceptable to leave during class to go to the restroom
  • How to navigate the line at the cafeteria

You can address these concerns by having your child read any information packets sent by the school, exploring the school’s website together, and arranging for an in-person visit. Talk about the bell schedule, and let your child know it’s alright if he or she can’t memorize the schedule or locker combination right away. He or she can keep a “cheat sheet” of essential info in an assignment notebook.

Address social concerns.
If your child went to an elementary school within the same school system, he or she can expect to see many of the same students in middle school. Have your child call his or her current friends to chat about the upcoming school year. Students may feel more self-confident after commiserating with their peers.

Encourage healthy habits.
The transition to middle school can be stressful, so healthy habits are particularly important. Make sure your student gets to bed on time, and eats a nutritious breakfast.

The Quarry Lane School offers a challenging academic curriculum that empowers students to reach their full potential. Our private middle school students have the opportunity to build character, and to become more mature, resilient, and independent learners. Get in touch with our college preparatory school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA by calling (925) 829-8000.

Picking an After-School Program for Your Middle Schooler

Middle School Dublin

After-school programs offer a creative outlet for students after spending a long day hitting the books. At The Quarry Lane School, our private middle school students can choose from a wide range of student-driven activities—including academic, cultural heritage, socio-cultural awareness, hobby, civic engagement, and community service clubs. Our full list of clubs has something for everyone. Even if your middle schooler doesn’t find something he or she likes, our private school invites students to take the initiative to form their own after-school activity group. All that’s required is a group of students who share a common interest, and a faculty member who is willing to serve as a mentor.

Your middle schooler might ask you for advice when selecting an after-school activity. You could suggest that your child choose an activity he or she already enjoys, such as a chess club. But remember that part of growing up is defining one’s identity, and that requires trying new things. Encourage your child to branch out a little by picking something new to try.

Parents can call (925) 829-8000 if they have questions about the activities available at our private school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA. The Quarry Lane School is committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and positive school culture.

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