Tips for Preventing Summer Brain Drain in Your Child

Summer Education for Kids in Dublin CAWhen your child’s private elementary or college preparatory school lets out for the summer, he or she can still take advantage of opportunities for learning. Doing so can prevent your child from losing critical academic skills during the summer, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “summer brain drain.” During the summer months, plan regular visits to the library and encourage your child to read every day. Your local library may also offer special programs and events for children to promote literacy.

You might also consider planning family vacations with an eye toward what your child learned the previous school year or what the curriculum will cover the following year. For example, your family could tour battlefields around the country or go to a national park. Additionally, check with your child’s private high school to see if summer programs are available. Summer school isn’t just for catching up; some private schools offer enrichment programs to help kids get ahead.

The Quarry Lane School is pleased to provide numerous award-winning learning opportunities for students during the summer. Call our private school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA at (925) 829-8000 for more information on our summer programs for students of all ages.

Encouraging Girls to Explore A Science, Engineering, and Technology Education

Girls in STEM EducationIn recent years, there has been a significant increase in public awareness about the critical importance of science, engineering, and technology education. As today’s digital world becomes increasingly interconnected and dependent on the advances made in science, engineering and technology, many private high schools often offer programs that focus on these academic areas and challenge students to apply their skills to real-world issues. While this high-quality education is available to both boys and girls, men comprise a disproportionately larger percentage of the workforce in these fields. You can guide your daughter in becoming a leader of tomorrow by supporting her interest in science, engineering, and technology.

Exploring Afterschool Opportunities
Perhaps the most effective way to support your daughter’s interests in these academic areas is to enroll her in a college preparatory school that offers programs that specialize in science, engineering and technology. However, it’s also a good idea to encourage her to explore opportunities beyond the classroom. If your daughter is in middle school, inquire about summer programs offered by her private school. They might include courses in automation and robotics, programming, and similar subjects. The school might also offer after school programs or student associations for those interested in joining a Science Olympiad team or learning iOS app development. After school programs and student associations often offer hands-on, engaging opportunities to spark

Connecting with Mentors
Consider talking to your daughter’s teachers about mentoring programs in your area. When girls learn about opportunities in science, technology, and engineering from mentors with real-world experience, they may be more likely to maintain their interest in these fields. One example of a mentoring program is Techbridge, which helps girls throughout the San Francisco Bay Area develop self-confidence in their skills.

Taking Advantage of Technology
Since these academic disciplines are focused on technology, it only makes sense to utilize technology to sustain your daughter’s interest. Download fun apps with educational value to complement your daughter’s coursework. Explore educational websites together, such as Engineer Your Life, Exploratorium, and eGFI: Dream Up the Future.

At The Quarry Lane School, we believe in fostering an interest in science, engineering and technology through hands-on, challenging, project-based academic programs. In addition to our science, technology, engineering and mathematics track, we offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) track and a college preparatory track. You can visit our college prep school’s website or call (925) 829-8000 to find out more.

Open the Book on the Benefits of IB Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, or IB DP, is an academically rigorous college-prep curriculum that prepares students to not only be strong learners, but also global thinkers. Alongside studying more traditional subjects, students are challenged to question their notions about everything from knowledge to creativity. Students are also encouraged to be active community members and engage in civic activities. At Quarry Lane School, we’re pleased to offer IB as one of the academic tracks in our college prep school. Find out more about this program at our private high school in this infographic. In addition to learning about the academic subjects themselves, you’ll get a look at the unique ways IB school prepares students to succeed in the 21 st century. You can also get more information about IB by arranging a visit to our private school in Dublin or Pleasanton. Please help other parents learn about this education option by sharing this infographic.

IB Learning Infographic

How IB Learning Helps Students Thrive

The International Baccalaureate (IB) High School Diploma Programme is widely recognized by leading universities and colleges around the world as being a superior college preparatory program for students. The IB Diploma Programme is an intensive two-year curriculum designed to challenge juniors and seniors to excel across multiple academic areas and disciplines. If you’re looking for a private high school for your teenager, consider selecting one that offers an IB education. Here’s why:

Academic Performance
Enrolling your child in a private high school will ensure that he or she is introduced to a rigorous curriculum taught by highly qualified teachers. However, the IB program can bring your child’s academic accomplishments to new heights. IB students have been shown to perform at a level that is typically above and beyond students in a regular high school curriculum. They tend to surpass other students in multiple academic areas and they are more likely to enroll in prestigious universities and colleges.

International Curriculum
To truly understand how an IB education can help your child thrive, it’s necessary to understand how it is different from other curricula. The IB program is unique, in part, because it was developed independently from national systems. Without the constraints of these academic requirements, the IB curriculum is able to combine best practices regardless of their local, national, or international origin.

Self-Aware Learning
When a student in a private high school enters into the IB Diploma Programme, he or she not only explores challenging academic areas but also explores the root of learning itself. The IB Diploma Programme includes a unique theory of knowledge (TOK) course, which empowers students to take responsibility for their progress and to explore various approaches to learning.

The Quarry Lane School is pleased to offer the IB Diploma Programme to students enrolled in our private high school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA. Our college preparatory school challenges students with an engaging, innovative curriculum and a variety of enrichment programs. Parents who wish to learn more about our private school can call (925) 829-8000.

Exploring Our Academic Tracks and Magnet Programs

College Prep Classes at Quarry Lane

At The Quarry Lane School, we believe that students thrive within a rigorous academic environment that allows them to explore their interests with challenging academic tracks and magnet programs. When you enroll your child in our college preparatory school, he or she will receive extensive counseling regarding academic options. Your child may choose to enroll in one of our magnet programs, pursue an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, or prepare for the future with our college preparatory track. Here’s a closer look at these programs.

High School Magnet Programs
With a magnet program, students at our private high school can pursue specialized areas of interest. Personalized education will serve students well as they enter into an institute of higher education and develop career plans. A magnet program is designed around a specific theme, such as pre-law, humanities, engineering, and medical themes. Students may enroll in a magnet program as an IB student or as a non-IB student.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Track
As students enter their junior year at our private high school, they may wish to challenge themselves with the interdisciplinary and globally minded IB curriculum. The IB curriculum establishes high standards for academic achievement. It facilitates critical thinking, encourages introspection, and emphasizes community engagement on a local and international level.

College Preparatory Track
All of our students receive an exemplary education that prepares them to excel at top-notch universities and colleges. However, students who wish to get a head start before graduating high school can enroll in our college preparatory track. Our college preparatory track curriculum is designed to prepare students for the academic challenges of higher education. This track includes a range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are accepted for college credit at many institutes. Our AP classes include language, chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, U.S. history, and Spanish.

You can obtain in-depth information about the academic tracks and magnetic programs available at The Quarry Lane School by visiting our website. If our private high school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA seems like a good fit for your child, call (925) 829-8000 and inquire about our admission process. Along with our private high school, we offer a preschool, lower school, and middle school program.

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