How Is IB Different from AP Curricula?

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When your child enters a private high school, he or she may have the option of choosing from various academic tracks, which guide students in focusing their academic pursuits. Your student’s private high school may offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum or an array of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Progressing through either of these academic tracks will place students among the most desirable candidates in terms of college placement. Before your child chooses from the IB and AP curricula, he or she should be fully aware of what both paths expect of students.

Educational Approach
One of the primary differences between AP and IB curricula is the approach they take to any particular subject. An AP course examines a particular subject at an in-depth level, just as a typical college course would. For example, a typical public high school class in American history might review excerpts from the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin to learn a little about this important historical figure. An AP course on American history might thoroughly analyze Franklin’s objectives in writing his memoirs, place them in the context of the time period, and consider whether Franklin may have had ulterior motives for the book.

The IB curriculum takes an integrated, holistic approach to subject matters, incorporating a global perspective to each lesson. In an IB course, students will study the subject in-depth, however, they will also consider the global context of the subject and study how it relates to other past and present issues.

Student Requirements
IB and AP curricula both impose rigorous academic requirements of students. With both tracks, students may choose to take a small selection of courses, rather than enrolling in the full track. For example, students could choose to take one or two AP courses in private high school, rather than working toward a college preparatory track diploma. However, AP programming focuses largely on academic courses and electives, whereas the IB curriculum encompasses community service and a capstone project, known as the extended essay.

Students at The Quarry Lane School can choose from three rigorous academic tracks, including the IB Diploma Programme Track and the College Preparatory Track, which offers numerous AP courses. Our private high school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA, firmly believes in challenging students to reach their full potential. For more information on academics at our college preparatory school, call us at (925) 829-8000.

After-School Activities for Middle School Students

After School Activities Pleasanton

The Quarry Lane School has a longstanding tradition of providing superior academic instruction combined with enrichment programming. Students in our private middle school may choose from a range of after-school activities. Students may utilize library resources to work on their assignments after school. Additionally, students at our college prep school may enroll in 30-minute music classes, offered by an independent provider on our campus. These weekly private or semi-private classes include instruction in piano, drums, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, and voice.

Middle school students at our college prep school are encouraged to participate in athletic activities. The specific activities are subject to seasonal changes, but typically include girls’ volleyball, girls’ basketball, and boys’ basketball. Coed offerings include soccer, badminton, and track. In addition to athletics and music, middle school students can choose to participate in a number of student clubs, including our Robotics Club.

Parents and students can view the full list of activities available on the website for The Quarry Lane School. Or, contact our college preparatory school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA, by calling (925) 829-8000.

How Playing an Instrument Can Make Your Child a Better Learner

Learning to play a musical instrument in a college prep school supports your child’s academic pursuits and overall development. When you watch this video, you’ll see how multiple areas of the brain become engaged while playing an instrument. In particular, making music strengthens the ability of the brain to transmit messages from one hemisphere to the other. This enhances the student’s problem-solving skills.

In addition to problem solving, playing music offers other benefits for your student’s academic career at his or her college prep school. Musicians have been found to have superior executive function, including planning and strategizing. They also tend to have exceptional memory retention. Playing music also lends itself to the analysis of both cognitive and emotional matters.

The Quarry Lane School, a prestigious private school in Dublin, CA, offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for students, including orchestra, choir, jazz band, and many more. The music program at The Quarry Lane School starts in the early elementary years with exposure to both percussion and string instruments such as violin, recorder, ukulele and Orff instruments. Call (925) 829-8000 to reach the Pleasanton or Dublin campuses of our college preparatory school.

What Distinguishes IB Education?

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula are widely considered to be the gold standard of educational achievement around the world. Not every private high school offers an IB curriculum. Schools must be authorized IB schools to offer any of the four individualized programs. There are many characteristics that distinguish an IB education from any other approach to learning. If your child attends an IB school , he or she will be challenged to reach new heights in academic and personal development; to understand the process—not merely the end result—of learning itself; and to prepare to tackle global challenges.

Personal Development
IB curricula emphasize academics. But unlike most other curricula, it also focuses on personal development. The IB learner develops a keen understanding of what it means to be a responsible global citizen and to become culturally aware. As IB learners are establishing their own personal identities, they are striving toward creating a better and more peaceful world.

Self-Aware Education
Another distinguishing characteristic of IB education is its self-awareness. IB learners do not merely memorize facts; they explore how learning itself occurs. IB curricula include a theory of knowledge (TOK) course, which gives students the tools they need to think independently and critically, to pose challenging questions, and to hone their research skills.

Constructivist Approach
IB education uses a constructivist approach to learning and teaching It celebrates the collaboration of people striving to construct meaning of the world. There are three components to this approach: Sustained inquiry, principled action, and critical reflection.

Many parents have chosen The Quarry Lane School for their children because of the rigorous academic tracks our private high school offers, including the IB Diploma Program. In fact, Quarry Lane is the only private school in the East Bay to offer the IB Diploma Program. While our private school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA expects a great deal from our students, our superb faculty members dedicate themselves to providing students with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential. For further information about our IB school, call (925) 829-8000 or visit us on the Web.

Senior Year College Counseling Activities

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At The Quarry Lane School, college counseling is an extensive, collaborative process that begins in the freshman year. Since all students at our private high school begin the college planning process well in advance of submitting their applications, they go into their senior year well prepared. Senior year college counseling activities at our private high school include attendance at Senior College Night. During this presentation, seniors receive an overview of the process of completing an application package.

Our seniors meet with their counselor to touch base regarding their application packages. They work with their counselor to obtain letters of recommendation, and develop their essays and portfolios. During their senior year at our college preparatory school, students also attend workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of the application and acceptance process. Parents and students alike attend the Financial Aid Parent Information Night.

The Quarry Lane School provides extensive information regarding the college counseling process on our website, including additional resources for parents. To reach our college preparatory school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA, call (925) 829-8000.

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