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    Exploring the Educational Goals of Preschool

    Last updated 9 hours ago

    When you look at a preschool classroom, you might think that children are just playing around, but playtime is actually an effective teaching tool for children at the ages of 3-4. Preschool may not have strict academic standards, but it does offer children a chance to learn some essential skills that will accelerate their learning in grade school. Here is a closer look at the academic areas of focus in the preschool classroom

    Foundations for reading

    Children aren’t learning to read just yet in preschool, but they should be participating in story time and learning the alphabet. Children may also begin printing letters, recognizing and writing their names and some common nouns and phrases.

    Object recognition

    Preschoolers spend a good deal of class time completing art projects to help them recognize shapes, colors, and objects. As children learn object recognition, they will also practice drawing and cutting to improve their hand-eye coordination.

    Counting and number sense

    Counting exercises will help children learn numbers in sequence and begin to understand how numbers correspond to objects. Children may love to count anything and everything as they learn numbers, so encourage them to count during snack time and play time at home.

    Social skills

    One of the most important reasons for children to attend preschool is the social interaction that happens in the classroom. Children learn to share and work cooperatively as they use the same materials for arts and crafts or create large projects together. Young children also learn to communicate with each other and build friendships that may last for years to come.

    Quarry Lane Preschool in Pleasanton provides a great start for college-bound children in their very first academic experiences. To learn about the curriculum and teachers at our two preschool campuses in Pleasanton, visit our website or call (925) 394-4644. You can also get to know our school by attending an open house event for parents. 

    Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

    Last updated 7 days ago

    With the kids spending more time at home this summer, you may be looking for healthier ways to offer snacks throughout the day. Good nutrition is the foundation for healthy brain development and cognitive skills, so you will not want to overlook nutritional labels when it comes to snacks.

    This video shares some easy kid-friendly snack ideas to boost nutrition during snack time. Foods like yogurt and milk are important for calcium, which supports bone development, so integrate these low-fat dairy products into your snacks. Fresh produce should also be a staple alongside whole grain crackers, hard-boiled eggs, or slices of deli meat. 

    For tips keeping your child interested in academic development over the summer, connect with one of our two Quarry Lane Preschools in Pleasanton or our Jr.K-12 campus in Dublin. You can reach us online or by calling (925) 394-4644. 

    A Student's Guide to Preparing for High School

    Last updated 14 days ago

    The transition from middle to high school is a milestone that comes at an age where you might have personal and social concerns to juggle with your academic life. To prepare for the challenges ahead as you get ready for your first year of high school, follow these tips for success in your secondary education. 

    Find your own academic interests

    It may be tempting to take the same classes as your friends—especially when it comes to electives. However, branching out and beginning to discover your own interests will be helpful as you begin to think about your career options and plan to apply for colleges. Plus you might just make some new friends as you take classes that follow your unique interests.

    Consider the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Track

    The IB Diploma Programme Track provides a comprehensive education to prepare students for top university study. It has an interdisciplinary, global curriculum which begins in the junior year. Oral and written examinations are internationally developed and assessed. Quarry Lane is the only private high school in the East Bay Area to offer this prestigious diploma, which is considered the gold standard for university admission.

    Take more independence in your schedule

    You might get your first job in high school and explore more extracurricular activities, which means taking charge of your schedule. It’s important to stay organized and prioritize your time so that you can balance everything with your course load. Learning to get organized in high school can make your first semesters in college easier to manage.

    Expect to face new challenges

    Pop culture doesn’t accurately capture the picture of high school life, so you might not have the right expectations for the difficulty of your classes. You will be facing a higher level of curriculum that may require more of an investment in study and homework time to keep up. College prep classes will be taught with more rigorous standards and have you spending more time learning complex subjects.

    If you are seeking a better educational experience, schedule a campus visit to The Quarry Lane School, which has a Jr.K-12 campus in Dublin and two preschool campuses in Pleasanton. Quarry Lane has recently been voted one the best high schools in the East Bay according to Parents Press. To connect with one of our campuses, visit our website or call (925) 394-4644. 

    Extracurricular Activities at Quarry Lane Preschool

    Last updated 21 days ago

    Quarry Lane Preschool is pleased to partner with highly-qualified, independent teachers who offer extracurricular activities on our Pleasanton West and Pleasanton East campuses. Currently, preschoolers enrolled in our private preschool can take advantage of different classes, such as Princess Ballet, which is offered by the Karen Lynn School of Dance. This class introduces little princesses to the wonders of ballet, tap, movement, and tumbling. Children who love art can sign up for our Adventures in Art activity, which introduces an array of media, including clay, collage, sculpture, and oil pastels. Students will take home a new art project each class! Your child may also enjoy the Music Fun Time activity, which teaches the fundamentals of music theory through hands-on work with instruments, singing, and dancing. Additionally, our preschool offers soccer, tumbling, and Mandarin Chinese classes.

    Parents who would like to learn more about the preschool program at Quarry Lane School are invited to explore our website . You can also call our East or West campuses in Pleasanton at (925) 394-4644.

    Writing Advice for College Application Essays

    Last updated 28 days ago

    When submitting college applications, one of the most important components is the college essay. However, writing a college essay is also one of the most challenging aspects of applying to college. At Quarry Lane School, the essay writing process is undertaken in the Leadership and English Class. On the day that all juniors take the PSAT exam, a small army of teachers are available to review the essays they’ve written. Prior to this, you may also find the following tips for preparing college application essays helpful:

    Give Yourself Plenty of Time

    One of the worst mistakes students can make when it comes to writing application essays is procrastinating. College application essays should be carefully planned and edited, and each college application should be accompanied by a unique essay. If you start the writing process a few months in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to brainstorm, complete a few drafts, and edit your essays for errors and clarity.

    Make It Personal

    A college application essay should tell a personal story. The story can be about any time in your life, and it should clearly illustrate who you are and why you are a good fit for a particular college. Talking with your friends and family members can help you choose an ideal story to tell. To make your story believable and engaging, you should make sure you write as if you were telling the story in conversation. Use first-person pronouns to help make the readers feel more interested in and connected to your essays.

    Be Descriptive

    Your college application essays should provide specific details about your story and the points you are making—you want to show the readers what you mean, rather than simply telling them. Be sure to avoid general statements and clichés about yourself and your story.

    Students who attend Quarry Lane School, a college preparatory school with campuses in Dublin and Pleasanton, receive support and instruction for the entire college application process. The college preparation process starts the freshman year and continues throughout high school. Visit our website or call us at (925) 394-4644 for more information.

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