Spring Break in Europe

Over spring break, a group of Quarry Lane students - accompanied by Dr. Burleigh and Mr.Wallace - traveled to Europe for a one-of-a-kind adventure and explored the rich history and culture of London and Paris. Along the way, they took in sites such as Oxford University, Shakespearean Gardens, Canterbury Cathedral and Versailles. It was a jam-packed trip, full of memories sure to last a lifetime!

Quarry Lane offers trips such as these as an opportunity for students to gain a global perspective and the unique experience of seeing history "come to life". Here are a few highlights from their adventure - enjoy!

Inspiring Students to Embrace Science, Engineering, Technology, and Applied Mathematics Education

Science, engineering, technology, and applied mathematics programs are at the heart of modern education. Students at a college preparatory school are encouraged to enroll in these programs to prepare them for the high-tech demands of the modern workplace and to inspire them to become the innovators of tomorrow. Students in these tracks are introduced to a variety of media for real-world problem solving to rouse their interest in these subjects and to provide a more impactful learning experience

High quality science, engineering, technology, and applied mathematics programs encourage students to think creatively to solve real-world problems. Rather than relying on classroom lectures, these programs encompass project-based and activity-based learning, which enables students to design and build new inventions, and refine current ideas. This hands-on, project-based approach ensures that students understand the practical application of the concepts being taught, thus building students’ confidence and fostering a deeper interest in these subjects.

At Quarry Lane School, students at our private high school may choose to enroll in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Applied Mathematics programs, which offer hands-on learning activities within a sophisticated learning environment. Parents are invited to call our college prep school in Dublin CA at (925) 829-8000 or visit our website for more information about our private high school.

The Importance of Science, Engineering and Technology in Education

Science EducationSchools that offer science, technology and engineering education are preparing the next generation of young innovators. By promoting and integrating science, engineering and technology into their curriculum, private schools often create more meaningful learning experiences for their students. At Quarry Lane, science, engineering and technology education is taught in an interdisciplinary fashion that equips students with a stronger understanding of concepts and encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Hands-On Experience
A college preparatory school should provide students with exceptional classroom instruction that prepares them to excel in institutes of higher learning and beyond. Private schools that specialize in science, engineering and technology education help prepare their students by adopting a hands-on approach that gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in developing real-world solutionsBy taking this hands-on approach to learning, students are better equipped to develop and retain a strong understanding of science, engineering and technology concepts, and how—together—they are used in solving today’s complex problems.

In-Depth Exploration
In a typical public school, students may spend a few hours or less on a particular aspect of a subject area. While this is useful for providing students with a basic overview on a subject, it does not lend itself to the acquisition of in-depth knowledge, nor does it contribute greatly to academic inquisitiveness. With a science, engineering and technology focused education at a college preparatory school, students are encouraged to develop their unique interests through extensive projects and other hands-on activities. By connecting these disciplines and emphasizing real-world application, skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity are honed which opens the door to more meaningful learning experiences.

Projected Job Growth
Another reason why science, engineering and technology education is so important for students is the reality of today’s economic climate. Jobs that rely on science, engineering and technology education are among the fastest growing sectors, both in the U.S. and abroad. Students with a solid background in these disciplines can pursue their dream careers, which are likely to offer excellent salary potential.

Students at Quarry Lane School, a college preparatory school in Pleasanton, have access to our rigorous academic tracks. In addition, our private high school provides an applied science curriculum that enables students to become adept with the latest technology in our fabrication lab, including a 3D printer. Families in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA, can explore our programs on our website or contact us at (925) 829-8000.

An In-Depth Look at Our International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program encompasses the most rigorous curriculum a private high school student can choose. The IB Diploma program is ideal for students who excel in academics and wish to challenge themselves intellectually. Quarry Lane School is the only private, college preparatory school in the East Bay area to offer the IB Diploma program.

Quarry Lane’s IB Diploma program enables students to select courses from six subject groups. These include Experimental Sciences, Second Language, English, Math, the Arts, and Individuals and Societies. Three to four courses are taken at the Higher Level; the remainder is taken at the Standard Level. This allows students to develop their particular academic interests. All of these courses span the junior and senior years. Some examples of courses a student might take include geography, economics, classical languages, mathematical studies, design technology, and business management. They may also choose from dance, film, music, theater, and visual arts. In addition, IB students at our private high school must complete all IB Core Requirements.

Core Requirements
There are three core requirements students must complete for the IB Diploma program: the extended essay, theory of knowledge (TOK) and creativity, action and service (CAS). The extended essay requires students to complete a self-directed 4,000-word essay that explores a topic of interest, and demonstrates exceptional research and writing skills. Students also take an interdisciplinary TOK class. In this course, students are expected to develop critical thinking skills and to reflect upon the nature of knowledge. The course is assessed with an essay and an oral presentation. Lastly, IB students at our private high school are expected to participate in our CAS program. The CAS program promotes enriching experiences outside the classroom, including community service work, artistic endeavors, sports activities, and other projects.

Quarry Lane School is pleased to offer the IB Diploma program to our private high school students. A student’s success in the IB Diploma program is contingent upon a high level of commitment from the student, parents, and teachers. If you feel the IB Diploma program may be right for your child, contact our college prep school in Dublin, CA or Pleasanton at (925 )829-8000.

ESL Camping Trip

In the spirit of "Throwback Thursday", let's throw it back to the ESL camping trip last weekend. Nineteen of our international students, along with Ms. Clark and Ms. Cumberworth, went on an overnight camping trip to Lake Chabot to give our international students an outdoor, classic "American" camping experience. From pitching tents to sleeping in sleeping bags to making S'mores, it was a first-time, eye-opening experience for the all of the students. As Ms. Clark put it, "We came back a little dirtier, a little sleepier but a lot happier for trying something new and succeeding at it! Hopefully, this will become an annual tradition!"

The Quarry Lane ESL Summer Camp hosts a variety of half day excursions geared towards introducing new experiences, exploring the California landscape and building bonds with their peers. For more information, go to www.QuarryLane.org/Summer

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