What are Ivy League Colleges Looking for in Students?

If your child attends a college preparatory school, private high school, or IB school, he is already guaranteed to have an advantage when applying to Ivy League colleges. Ivy League colleges have historically admitted students who demonstrate academic excellence, extracurricular interests, a passion for learning, and a unique worldview.

Watch this video for valuable information about what Ivy League Colleges look for in applicants. Advantage Testing founder Arun Alagappan offers insight into the admissions criteria used by prestigious colleges.

If you want to give your child his best chance at getting into a great college, encourage him to apply to The Quarry Lane School. We offer students a challenging college preparatory curriculum, and an IB high school diploma program, at our private schools in Dublin and Pleasanton. Call us today at (925) 829-8000 for information on our admissions process.

How IB Education Prepares Students for the Global Workforce

If your child is lucky enough to attend a private high school that offers an international baccalaureate program, he will be well-prepared for a lucrative job in the global workforce. IB schools have existed for more than 40 years, and consistently provide students with a challenging college preparatory education that strives to provide a foundation for the global leaders of tomorrow. Keep reading for more information about the benefits that IB schools offer students.

IB Program at Quarry Lane SchoolProvides Students With a Unique Global Education
College preparatory schools and private high schools that offer IB diploma programs are committed to promoting cultural understanding, celebrating diversity, and providing students with a global education. Students are required to study a second language, Modern language courses promote an understanding of another culture through the study of its language – emphasizing the use of the language in a range of contexts. . They’re also afforded the opportunity to interact with people around the world, helping them build communication skills and cultural experiences.

IB Students Consistently Perform Better
Instructors at IB schools encourage independent thinking, allowing students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will help them in college and the workforce. IB students are consistently stronger academically, socially, and emotionally than students at other private high schools. Because IB schools offer such a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, IB students become accustomed to working harder than their peers and are more likely to attend a prestigious university.

Graduates Can Join the Alumni Network
After graduating from an IB school, students are given the opportunity to join the IB’s global alumni network. This gives them a unique advantage over those with whom they will be competing in the job market. The alumni network allows graduates to connect with other IB school alumni all over the world, and can provide valuable career and networking opportunities.

If you’re looking at college preparatory schools in Dublin or Pleasanton, visit one of our campuses at The Quarry Lane School. We offer an IB high school diploma program at each of our three campuses. For more information on the IB curriculum and application process, visit our website, or call us today at (925) 829-8000.

Peek Behind the Curtain of the College Admissions Process

As you look ahead toward the college application process for your son or daughter, you may be curious about how college admissions personnel make admittance decisions. You can always consult the college counselor at your child’s college prep school for guidance, but you may want to watch this video as well. This news clip takes you behind the scenes at a college in Iowa as a panel of admissions staff members review applications, transcripts, and essays.

Every year, admissions staff at schools around the country review a veritable mountain of applications from college preparatory school students. They evaluate students’ grades, essays, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities. They also consider what makes a particular student stand out from the rest and whether a student pushed him-or herself to take challenging courses in high school.

The Quarry Lane School is a private school in Pleasanton and Dublin, CA with an exceptional track record of student acceptance at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities across the country. For a closer look at our private high school, visit our website or call us at (925) 829-8000. You can also contact us online with any questions you have.

What Are the Benefits of Subject Specialization in Elementary Education?

Subject Specialization in Elementary SchoolThe typical public or private elementary classroom could be described as self-contained. One teacher and perhaps a teaching assistant are responsible for one class of students. Unlike a private high school, in which the students transition from one class to the next, an elementary class typically stays in the same room for most of the day. However, some private elementary schools have begun to shift toward the subject specialization model, with promising results. Some of the benefits of subject specialization in elementary education include:

Logical Organizationa
Increasingly, administrative staff members and teachers at private elementary schools have begun to realize that organizing an elementary school in a manner similar to a high school is only logical. With this model, a school might have three sets of instructors. The first group might specialize in teaching mathematics and science subjects, while the second group would teach language arts and history. The third set would provide instruction in supplemental coursework, such as physical education and fine arts.

Superior Instruction
Elementary schools organized in such a manner allow teachers to devote their time and attention to their area of specialization. This can facilitate more effective lesson plans because instead of planning many different classes each week, they can focus on just a few. Specialization also enables teachers to refine their knowledge base for their particular subject areas, which lends itself to superior instruction.

Enhanced Student Achievement
The move toward the subject specialization model in elementary schools is relatively recent. However, the schools that have implemented this model have noted that it contributes toward greater student achievement. Students have the benefit of working closely with teachers who are presenting lesson plans in their areas of expertise. They also benefit from personalized attention from multiple teachers, rather than just one.

The staff members of The Quarry Lane School are pleased to announce that our private schools in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA will be adopting the subject specialization model this coming school year. We’re confident that this transition will provide an elevated level of teaching to our exceptional private elementary program. To learn more, please call (925) 829-8000.

Tips for Preventing Summer Brain Drain in Your Child

Summer Education for Kids in Dublin CAWhen your child’s private elementary or college preparatory school lets out for the summer, he or she can still take advantage of opportunities for learning. Doing so can prevent your child from losing critical academic skills during the summer, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “summer brain drain.” During the summer months, plan regular visits to the library and encourage your child to read every day. Your local library may also offer special programs and events for children to promote literacy.

You might also consider planning family vacations with an eye toward what your child learned the previous school year or what the curriculum will cover the following year. For example, your family could tour battlefields around the country or go to a national park. Additionally, check with your child’s private high school to see if summer programs are available. Summer school isn’t just for catching up; some private schools offer enrichment programs to help kids get ahead.

The Quarry Lane School is pleased to provide numerous award-winning learning opportunities for students during the summer. Call our private school in Dublin and Pleasanton, CA at (925) 829-8000 for more information on our summer programs for students of all ages.

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